Ever wonder why emails sent by iPhones have a “Sent from iPhone” message? [Comic]


To be fair, Apple isn’t the only one that does it and the message serves a purpose other than simple free advertising: it tells the recipient that you typed from a mobile device which will likely increase the chances of them excusing a typo or two. Still, free advertising is without a doubt the biggest reason.

[via Manu Cornet]

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  1. Craig

    In all fairness you don’t have to have “Sent from my IPhone” ass you signature. You can easily change that by going to “Settings”, then “Mail, contacts, Calender” then “Signature”. Once there you can put whatever you want.

  2. Frank

    @fellow readers: This could be a good place to collect better messages. My suggestion: “Sent from my mobile whilst driving. Please excuse typos, brevity and the killed pedestrians”
    Better ideas, anyone? (Only GPLed content allowed though :D)