13-year-old devises smart method to deal with overheating laptop [Image]


The idea here is a) the laptop received more airflow due to elevation and b) the cold bag attached to the bottom of the laptop helped cool down the laptop by absorbing heat. The kid constantly ensured that bag of… peas, I think… kept constantly cool vis-a-vis freezer and ice chest.

Pretty smart, if you ask me. However, I do have two concerns:

  • If the laptop had an exhaust vent at the bottom, did he make sure that the bag did not cover the exhaust vent? Covering the vent would damage the laptop (by not allowing hot air out) more than help it.
  • If the laptop had an intake vent at the bottom, did he make sure the bag was relatively dry else risk the laptop sucking in moisture?

Still, I doubt I could think of something like this when I was thirteen.

[via Reddit]

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  1. jayesstee

    Long ago, in the ‘dark ages’, a pack of frozen peas was the standard after-market cooler for Sinclair ZX81 computers (believe marketed in the USA as ‘Timex’).   Could the kid have been tipped off by a Grandpa?