“Doorway to heaven” [Wallpaper]


Click the above image for the 2560×1440 version. If you want a higher or lower resolution version, check out the via link below.

[via cshahmir]

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  1. Mr.Dave

    [@johnmw1] I like a program called “John’s Background Switcher”, although at 12 MB I don’t really think of it as “light” on resources. Support for multiple languages, multiple picture folders (they can quickly be enabled or disabled through Settings). You can say how often the picture should be changed from every 10 seconds up through every 7 days. Quick access through icon in task tray to change to a new pic or go back to previous if you liked that one better. It will even select pics from on-line photo galleries or Google Image Search. Free (donations accepted). 0/46 on VirusTotal.


    (I may have first heard about it here on DotTech, I don’t remember….)

  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    [@johnmw1] I do plan on continuing them at least for the near future. I’ll research about a wallpaper program and post if I find one. Thanks for the suggestion.

    You are welcome! Unfortunately I cannot add links to more spaced out bullets. It is a restriction with the newsletter service I use.

  3. johnmw1

    Hi Ashraf,

    That is one pretty amazing shot, although having a second look at it one must guess that it has been photo shopped given the surrounding overcast skies, never the less impressive.

    If your daily wallpaper’s are going to continue (and I hope they do) can you suggest a wallpaper program to use so that we can add these new wallpapers. Currently I’m using Wally but I’m just wondering if there are better choices out there that are also light on resources.

    Also from our talk the other day re the line spacings in the daily newsletter, yes thanks that has helped me a lot. You did also remove the web links from those headings which I can imagine may have annoyed some people, I’m quite happy for you to reapply those web links as it was just the line spacing which was making it difficult for me to read, so either way I’m happy and thanks for your help.