Youtube is shutting down, Gmail launches Gmail Blue, and new Google Nose search engine is powered by smell [Video]

Well, either Google has gone mad (which is a possibility, considering the closure of Google Reader) or Google really loves April Fools. If I were a betting man, I’d gamble my first born child on the latter.

…Yes people, these are April Fools jokes. Don’t shit your pants and let us know in the comments below your favorite April Fools prank for 2013.

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  1. citizenearth

    Google to close popular Youtube? A sensible, normal person/company would never do that. Google to copy Microsoft in naming its product “Blue”? Never over Google’s body. Search engine powered by smell? That would be revolutionary if Google can create such a search engine.
    Happy April Fools Day!

  2. Donna

    So I think the winner of Youtube will be Gmail Blue video announcement. And then maybe by 2023 when Youtube goes live again it will be Gmail Green. Hmm, or maybe a new color will be created by then.

    The GBlue video was great with all the serious faces. I could not have kept a straight face. I wonder how many takes to get it right.

    Cant’ even comment on Google Nose, although there probably those out there that actually believed it. o-;

    Good Ones! LOL…….


    That was a rather stupid prank by Google about shutting down youtube! It would have been more beleivable,if Google were to announce or “float” a rumor that youtube’s gonna be a “PAY CHANNEL”! Peace through war,Amen!