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  1. AT

    [@Donna] What you bought was a refurbished system. They are sold with the original operating system that was installed. What I was talking about are the NEW prebuilt systems and laptops from the main PC makers. The individual copies of Windows 7 have also been removed from the most of the chains stores.

    The upgrade and then downgrade to Windows 7 I was talking about applies to new systems with different versions of Windows 8. You need to upgrade the version to Windows 8 Pro and then pay an additional $20 to downgrade the system to Windows 7. This upgrade/downgrade policy comes from the HP Canada rep I was talking to. The other companies may have a different policy.

  2. Donna


    Actually I as able to buy Windows 7 thru Walmart. It was refurbished but it is one awesome PC. . I am guessing they could only remove from stores that they had specific contracts with. And Wally World (aka Walmart) will only do something like that if there is lot’s of money in it.

  3. AT

    [@Donna] Only if you purchased Windows 8 Pro. Everything else does not qualify for a downgrade. And Microsoft went into stores and removed unsold copies of Windows 7 the way Apple does when a new software version comes out making customers always buy the latest version instead of a discounted older version.

  4. AT

    I love it.

    I did talk to a HP rep and he said if you upgrade to Windows 8 Pro then for $20 more you can downgrade back to Windows 7.

    He wasn’t too happy with me because he KNEW I was not going to buy a Windows 8 machine. I wonder what gave him that idea?