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  1. David Roper

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    It’s strange at first, every day is Saturday. You have to buy one of those clocks that also tell the day of the week. The rest of the world thinks you’re up at 9am so expect to be awakened by business calls. M-F. I wish it upon everyone, being retired.
    Oh, and my reminded me. You get to take an hour nap each day at 3pm – just like you did at work only you can’t get caught at home.

  2. vandamme

    You can get it on Amazon, or check out clips on YouTube.

    “Hello, IT, have you turned it off and back on?”

    “Yes, Jen, this is ….the Internet”.
    “In that little box? Amazing!”

  3. detailer

    Very informative.Brings to mind some of the sellers on Craigslist that are so quick to point out that “I’ve been in IT for 20 years” and “this PC blah blah blah”. Yeah,so,WGaF. As though that justifies the ridiculous amount of money they want for it. Paaleeeez !