Watch Kim Komando in 1990s explain what a computer is [Video]

Sad part is, some people may actually still learn quite a lot from this video.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Seamus McSeamus

    I gotta get a copy of that “Write” program she was talking about. It sounds absolutely awesome!

    Seriously, though, I don’t remember Komando videos, but I do remember her radio show on the weekends. I listened occasionally, and recall it being more informative (and less condescending!) than the above video. Could be that I only remember it that way, though. I think she still does a weekly show, but I haven’t listened in ages.

  2. AT

    There was a computer show in Canada at the time of this video. It was hosted by a man called Steve Dotto. Ironically his website is

    But I digress. Any one episode of his show was better and had more information than what Kim Komondo did in hers. And yes, I have seen one or two of her shows and infomercials during those days. I was not impressed with her and I didn’t even have a computer at that time. Nowadays, I bet she evens praises Windows 8 for usability.