Google’s “Here’s to the Moms” tribute is the best way to remind yourself Mother’s Day is coming up [Video]


Admit it, you forgot. Mother’s Day is this weekend and you completely forgot. Now you’re scrambling for gift ideas and the pressure is mounting — why can’t you think of anything?!

Oh, just me? Oh well. I’ll admit that I completely forgot about Mother’s Day until a couple of days ago. My reminders were an email from Apple telling me that the iPad mini would make a great Mother’s Day gift, and this awesome video that Google made.

It consists of Google’s usual pretty graphics but also includes a number of touching moments that are all available on YouTube — trust me, hit up the video description on the video’s YouTube page and at least one of them is guaranteed to get you teary-eyed.

Any great tech-related gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Share them with us in the comments! I’m not asking because I can’t think of anything. Of course not!

[via Google]

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