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  1. JonE

    [@Susanne] Yeah; it does seem like a millennial ago that my Mother gave me similar advice; she said it a bit differently and the Bible says it differently, but it means the same thing and it has served me well through the years, as well.

  2. Susanne

    About 1000 years ago, my mother told me to never say anything ABOUT someone I wouldn’t say TO that person. Best advice she ever gave me, and the few times I’ve ignored it, I’ve regretted it.

  3. jayesstee

    [@Ed] Trouble is, that if you fall out with one of your “friends” at a later date!
    Better never post anything, anywhere, that you are not happy with the whole world reading, because one day they may.

  4. Ed

    Well that’s what you get for making such a stupid post on facebook with your boss and co workers on your friends list.
    Like someone else commented in another post ….. THINK before you press “send”

    Personally, I make it a habit to not adding my employer(s) or co workers as friends on any of my social network accounts , so , I can bitch all I want!

  5. Mukhi

    bottomline: if you ever want to post something against your company or colleagues, never add them in your social network a/c, or if you do add, restrict them from reading the post through settings. Or better, don’t post something like that at all.

  6. RealBull

    Wow, that is really dumb. Why do people need to vent their anger out on a public website(if you make it that way). That message should have only been to friends & family. Stupid.