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  1. B@skelli

    As a young boy, I definitely would have loved to take a ride. Nowadays, however, while I am a bit older and weighing above 100 kg, I would think twice before having a seat on that swing! Just look how it is mounted!

    LA CASA DEL ARBOL just means “THE TREE HOUSE”. Now, there are many tree houses in the world, though. But the sign on that particular tree house reads: LA CASA DEL ARBOL… BAÑOS… which is enough information.

    Based on my following investigation, it must be (and I am quite sure about that) this one:

    La Casa Del Arbol, Baños de Agua Santa (Ambato), Ecuador (near the volcano Tungurahura, in the Andes)

    It seems to be a commercial tree house (Complejo La Casa del Arbol), see here:

    It is situated at a height of 2660 meters and has a capacity for up to six persons, as another (small) sign reads:

    Here is one more amazing photo, with the volcano on the background:*V2MbitBwpx3rb9PnZJfW8wmy4*sAyhZ0pbluXUdn2OyLy7x5rpOEW6r1ZiY0UL2Z8AEdAROrr5yLA0W*oiRY/P1190949.JPG

    WOW – what a beautiful sight! A really nice place to be for a short break, don’t you think?

    And finally, one of the volcano: