30 free 1 year Panda Internet Security 2010 keys – who wants them?

I generated a few extra keys from the Panda Windows 7 Launch Party giveaway. I am not going to use them so there is no point in letting them go to waste. Therefore, anyone that missed out on the Panda Windows 7 Launch Party giveaway or anyone that wants a Panda Internet Security 2010 1 year key, post below (be sure to use the e-mail address you want me to send the key to).

This is not a first come, first serve basis. When the number of comments below (asking for keys) hits 300, or this drawing has been going on for 72 hours, I will use a random selection system to determine who gets the keys. 15 of these keys are reserved for people who have donated to dotTech or written for dotTech in the past (if you have donated and want a key, please clarify this point in your comment and post with the e-mail address you donated with so I can confirm). The other 15 are for anyone that asks.

Good luck.

Update: Please don’t post your e-mail in your comment! You should never post your e-mail on a public form. Just enter the e-mail you want me to send the key to in the “E-mail” field when writing your comment – I will be able to get your e-mail from there.

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  1. clay

    I don’t know how you choose or if you already have, but either way i could use some sort of free internet suite. Currently i use Avira and a couple other anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-everything that i don’t want to bugger my system. I used Norton trial for a short time but removed it after i tried to find my “online backup” for a purpose i won’t get into, and couldn’t. Even the “free” tech support was unable to help. To bad, i was going to buy the suite. But then maybe that’s a good thing eh? Most of the free stuff i use i get from your site, or a link from your site, and cnet. So far i am very happy. I will and do pay for whatever i believe should be bought. But if there is a product that is as good or better and free…I will take the free as will most anybody.(right?) Except of course for those folks who love to spend all that money they have that is busting their bank accounts out at the seems.Ahhh If only! Oh well maybe one day? Any-who if you have a key, or perhaps even a decent beta or trial lasting longer than 90 days for any internet security suite Please do let me know. Grateful for the opportunity and for what you fellas do. Happy holidays!



  3. sri

    Pardon me Ashraf, did I read it right that, “When the number of comments asking for keys hit 300, or the drawing has been going on for 72 hours that you will use a random selection system to determine who gets the keys? Or did I get it wrong? ‘Cause it is not clear if you’ve already given the keys away or are yet to do it. Thanks

  4. zach

    @Conn09: It is not malware. I have used it for two years and have had no problems with my pc. Rising antivirus is a respectable company. You can find information about them on the internet. They have a free version of their antivirus for non-commercial users. If you think it is malware then maybe you could give a reason why? Like I said I have been using it for some time with no problems and even while I have been using it I have also scanned my computer with online scanners from bit defender, mcafee, norton and others. If it were malware I think I would know. Maybe you should try to research your claims before you make them. And just to make sure I used several online scanners before I posted this. All of them came up negative for malware. If Rising antivirus free edition were fake and malware do you think I could possibly get those results? If it were fake and malware first at least one service would find that. Second if it were fake then I would have other malware on my computer which would be detected. Please check out your claims before you make them. This is not malware, but in my opinion it is an effective antivirus. And it is from a reputable company.

  5. Conn09

    If none of you have realised yet i will repeat what Ashraf Has already Said :

    The entry for this drawing has ended. No entries are going to be accepted now.

    Stop saying that you all want a key for it, your not going to get one this late into the draw.

    You are all just coming to this site as a one off to get the freebie anyway.

    Let me repeat what i said earlier:


  6. Conn09

    @zach: Thats The name of one of those fake Antivirus’s you should’nt be mentioning things like that around other people. Don’t try to encourage people to find out what it is as it is a malware.

    Nobody be stupid please. Do not Search Free Antivirus on google or anything unless you want a host of malware and Virus’s.

  7. Mike

    @jumbi– Sorry, I didn’t realize that Microsoft’s Security Essentials was not initially available everywhere (but, see the below). Apparently, the original distribution is to 19 countries, which will open up in the future.

    Microsoft Security Essentials currently is available in eight languages and 19 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    Having said that, apparently, the software can be obtained from other countries as well, by using the U.S. site for downloads. Here’s an article in that regard. http://profy.com/2009/10/07/microsoft-security-essentials-19-countries-or-globally/

  8. Mark Churchill

    Please toss my name into the hat too. I am a major fan; cause, if it’s free it’s for me and I’ll take three. I would also like to share info on a freebie. Web Developers… check out Bizspark. Microsoft’s biggest freebie of them all.(10K worth of software)

  9. Pankaj Singla

    I really need the Panda Internet Security 1 year licence code for free. Can’t afford to buy. Will readily accept any key for free. If u really could send me one, I would appreciate u for full year that I continue to use with the provided software key.

  10. Karl

    Hi Ashraf,

    If you still have any keys left may I please have one?

    Thanks for all your reviews and the recent tips & tricks articles have been great too!


    I didn’t see where to enter my email .. I presume that’s because I’m logged in??

  11. jumbi

    Microsoft security essentials IS NOT available to most countries of the world. I suppose just for USA?

    Perhaps, their email sits in your spam box it happened to my gmails accounts).
    Also their email arrived after 3 days (they said so initially).
    I havent installed it yet, but perhaps I try this soon on my netbook as it seems to be very light in resources. Now Avira sits there.
    Do you agree Ashraf?

  12. Albi

    Hello Ashraf,
    I don’t know why I didn’t receive the key from Panda. I fully registered with them but they never sent me the key. My cousin also registered but he never received it either. Strange. I’m not asking for a key because I guess you have already given all of them away, taking into account all the comments that I have seen here. However, if you happen to have a spare key, that nobody wants, I would be more than happy to have one…:)
    Anyway, thanks for this great website and all the great offers.

  13. relly

    everytime i visit GOTD to check the free software i see to it that i always look on your reviews to find out that its worthy…. i’m very much interested if you can spare me one key, if not, thank u very much… for your reviews…

  14. Alain

    As part of my daily routine on the Internet, I make sure to visit dottech.org & GOTD. I really enjoy reading your review. Keep up the great work Ashraf. I also could sure use a key if available.

    Thanks a bunch…

  15. Senior Citizen

    I sure could use one of the Panda Internet Security 2010 1 year keys as I have discovered that my Windows Live One Care does not work with Windows 7.

    Even if I do not get the key I will continue greatly value your reviews on GOTD.

    Thanks for all that you do for us.

  16. cuggie

    I hope I am not too late. The Kaspersky Internet Security that I was using seems to have stopped working or just expired, [ I am not sure which]. so I sure could use this.
    Thank You “Muchly”

  17. zach

    What do people here think of Rising anti-virus free edition. I have used ot for some time with no problems to my computer and apparently no infections. I am fairly happy with Rising but would like to know if there is a better free option that is simple to use. I am tech savvy but not a geek or anything.

  18. Mike

    What a considerate offer! Many thanks (and no, I don’t need a license). If I had known you were going to do this, I would have downloaded for you (sorry, it got lost in the shuffle of the week …).

  19. Marcel

    Now I’ve just received my Win 7 update and won’t go online without any additional security soft. So it would be a great deal to receive a key from you.

    btw: I really like your comments on gotd’s. I’ve collected most of them to review them later and your reviews saved a lot of time for me skipping the useless ones.

    Regards, Marcel

  20. Peter

    I just purchased a desktop due to an electrical surge destroying my old one. It came with Windows 7 which is not compatiable with my current virus program so I need something to keep me operating safely until I can find the funds to purchase new software. I would very much appreciate your consideration for one of these keys. Thank you in advance.

  21. Sriadverts

    Neither have I donated to dottech nor have I written for dottech but I sure have refered scores of people to your website (I don’t have material proof of that, if you ask) and I for sure have been one who has had huge problems last year when I tried to renew my panda subscription and after a ‘successful’ renewal they thrust Trend Micro down my throat and I have been very unhappy every since. So, I am hoping that I would be one of the lucky 15 to get the Panda IS 2010. Thanks.

  22. win7guru

    Hey Ashraf, it has been a while since I have posted any comments on the site, but I just couldn’t pass this up for anything. I would be honored if I could be entered into this drawing for a chance at winning the Panda Security 2010 Software key.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jon E

  23. a simple happy man

    Thank you very kindly for the offer Ashraf, but I do not need one , however I have noticed after reading the blog for this that I do NOT have a box in which I can input an email address on this blog or any other for that matter.

    I’m wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and maybe that is why they are putting their email addresses on the comment!

  24. Kinetix

    Hey Ashraf, remember me? :P I haven’t been here in a while, and boy this new theme had me wondering if I went to the correct website. I’ve been kinda busy lately with life and such, but I’ll try to get some more articles up if you still need ’em.

    Oh, and a free Panda Internet Security 2010 key? Count me in. ;) [REMOVED]@gmail.com

    Oh, and, just to be sure, is PIS 2010 better than a combo of avast! antivirus and PC Tools Firewall Plus?