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Winners of free 1 year Panda Internet Security licenses and no review for giveaway of October 30, 2009

Posted By Ashraf On October 29, 2009 @ 11:58 PM In Announcements | 13 Comments

Hello Friends,

Two housekeeping things to discuss:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. Thank you all for participating.

If your name is listed above, please check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from “admin [at] dottech.org” with the subject of “Panda Internet Security 2010 1 Year License”. Your 1 year license code and a download link to Panda Internet Security 2010 are in the e-mail.

  • There will be no review for the giveaway of October 30, 2009. The reason for this is I have been extremely busy this week (ugh) and I have lots of dotTech management issues to deal with, mainly concerning the new theme, which I probably won’t even end up finishing but I would like to devote my limited time to them right now. However, today’s giveaway looks very interesting, so be sure to check it out even though I am not going to review it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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