“Welcome to tech support, kid” [Humor]


100 GB of porn? Meh, that is nothing. (Don’t tell my wife.)

[via Reddit]

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  1. JMJ

    @DoktorThomas – Certainly you’re not upset that the so-called rights of child molesters are being abridged? Children cannot protect and defend themselves, therefore, it is proper that we adults, including mandated reporters –like doctors, teachers, etc., and government agencies go to even extraordinary lengths to protect them. The U.S. Federal Courts recently ruled that an ACCUSED molester IS NOT REQUIRED to decrypt drives that MAY or MAY NOT contain child pornography. **Unfortunately**, that was the right decision. So, until proven guilty, even those accused of this filthy crime are still protected by the Constitution.

    Does *USSA* mean United Socialist States of America?

    Off topic a Bit – Here’s a heartwarming story about a Child protecting another Child:

  2. DoktorThomas

    In the USSA [sic] vendors are required to report these sort of files to various fed.gov and state.gov gestapo agencies before returning the computer drive to the perp. Freedom is an illusion …

  3. Seamus McSeamus

    A good joke would have been to tell the guy when he came to pick up his computer, “Sorry, sir, but there was a problem with your data. The new guy did something wrong and we lost everything.”