Google Chrome nows comes as the default browser for some computers

As Lee Matthews of recently discovered, Google has stuck deals with some OEMs (OEMs are companies like Dell, Sony, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.) to ship computers with Google Chrome preinstalled. To make things more juicy, the Chrome icon is put on the desktop and is pinned to the taskbar for Windows 7. Chrome is also set as the default browser in place of Internet Explorer. Ouch.

You know what this means, right? Now instead of using Internet Explorer to download Firefox on a new computer, I may have to use Chrome to download Firefox =P. Unless of course I buy a computer from a seller in the European Union in which case I can have fun with Microsoft’s browser ballot system. Gun-ho democracy. Or is it capitalism?  Socialism? Communism? Ugh; I knew I should of paid attention in my government class.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the matter?

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  1. hahaguy

    Google Chrome as default browser? I won’t say if it’s better than IE or not but when are we going to get Firefox ‘shipped’ along with new PCs? 10 years in the future…let’s hope not so.

  2. Samuel

    @Ashraf: When in that case I’m checking before I buy my next laptop! Though I admit I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my laptop (I make Dell Tech support tell me exactly what they are going to do, and why the are going to do it before the do any work on my computer as well as cloning it just in case).

  3. Samuel

    Interesting, but do the users get to choose that Chrome is the default browser? Or at least told that they’re getting chrome as the default. Whether you like chrome or not, I’d like to know that something unexpected is being done with my computer.

  4. Pete

    I hope IE is still included so I can download updates with ease when I’m going to buy a new laptop.
    Searching for them yourself kinda sucks…
    Automatic updating system 4-ever, if you know what I mean.
    But I bet MS will sue a couple of big companies.

  5. Blackbird

    All new computers should come with… (1) Firefox,… (2) Opera,… and (3) K-Meleon. Then let the user choose which BROWSER they want to be the default…… (My FAVORITE right now is “Minefield 3.7a 1pre”. It is a nightly build pre-release by Mozilla Firefox,… but basically during the SEVERAL months that I have been using it, it has been AMAZINGLY stable, with very few problems… It copies all of your Firefox settings and you can not use it & Firefox at the same time, just one ,.. or the other.) ;)

  6. nganchaihou

    If you ask me, every new PC should comes with say, 3, any 3, web browsers preloaded. Then every PC user will know there are many kinds of browser to choose from and use according to each likes and tastes. Then every novice user will know that there is option to use more than 1 browser.

  7. WobblyWombat

    Great to see IE booted from it’s sacred place as default browser! I don’t care which browser replaces it, as long as it makes people aware that there are alternatives to M$!
    FWIW I quite like Chrome, from the little play I’ve had with it I found it a breeze to use and somewhat faster than FireFox… but FF is still No.1 largely due to the add-ons and personalisation I have with it.

  8. Ron


    It’s just a hunch, but I wonder if MS is so anxious to get Win 7 out in the world that they didn’t fight too hard against this one. Maybe they’re also trying to placate the EU a little. Whatever the reason, I used IE to download Firefox when I recently built a new Win & desktop.

  9. Kev93

    If it makes less people to use IE (*GASP*) then I’m GLAD. But then again why use any Microsoft product?

    BTW, This wasn’t news to me. ‘I like to read about law (for light bedtime reading.)’ -Paraphrased from Odyssey (

  10. ZionPercona

    Indeed ouch. This will probably take a big chunk out of IE’s share.

    I can live with the pre-installed part, but as the default browser kind of upsets me. I’m sure IE likes spending at least a couple minutes with users.

    I wonder what MS thinks about this too…