Stunning photo of Earth snapped from 900 million miles away by NASA spacecraft [Amazing Photo of the Day]


See that spec where the arrow in the above photo is pointing? That is Earth, and the planet with rings you see in the foreground of the photo is Saturn. This is a photo taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, a spacecraft that is 900 million miles away and was sent to study Saturn. Simply stunning.

[via NASA, Dvice]

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  1. kashdoller

    It’s so amazing that every bit of history we know, every book ever written, every person, animal, insect, fossil, and every bit of dirt, water, including all the air, and clouds and every memory we have or have known, for each and every one of us, is contained right there in that blue little dot. It’s so small we need an arrow to point to it.

    Stunning. This photo is amazing.