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  1. Seamus McSeamus


    Never really thought about it, but you’re right on the blame issue. The newspaper headline would be “Whale Swallows Man”, not “Idiot Swims Too Close To Feeding Whales; Gets Eaten”.

  2. Geert

    What kind of idiots are they? They can clearly see the whales have chased the small fish to the water suface so they can catch (read: eat) them better and those “professional divers” are still so close to that pray. That’s asking for trouble, you don’t have to be a bright light to know this… And of course, when worse come to worse, the whales would be the ones to be blamed, right??? Yeah, right…

  3. Darcy

    A few decades ago I remember reading a true life story in Reader’s Digest about a man swallowed by a whale. The crew caught the whale, he was a crew member on a whaling ship, and when they cut it open they found him still alive. This was about 4 hours later if I remember right. He was blinded and badly scarred by the stomach acid but lived afterward.