This computer is infected with over 200,000 pieces of malware [Image]


With so many identified threats, at first I thought this was a case of someone using scareware software; you know, the kind that tells you that your computer is infected with a kajillion viruses then asks for ten easy payments of $9.95 to remove the malware. However, as it turns out, the above is not a screenshot of a scareware program but rather is a screenshot of a scan run by Hitman Pro — a legitimate anti-malware program. In other words, this computer is indeed infected with over 200,000 malware.

[via Reddit]

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  1. Grantwhy

    I still regret not taking a screenshot :-(

    Once upon a time, I was recommend as a person who might be able to help a couple with their computer. They were capable computer users but didn’t know much more than how to use it/surf the web. The information I was given before going to their place was that their “internet was running slow” [worse than dialup] and could I look at their computer and see if they needed a new ISP or a new plan.

    Me being me, instead of checking “the Internet”, the first thing I checked was for any installed anti-virus or anti-spyware programs.

    I wasn’t surprise there was no anti-spyware (anti-malware). This was 5-6[?] years ago and even these days I suspect there are quite a few computer users who don’t know that there is a need for such programs.

    Nor was I surprised that the anti-virus installed was Norton.

    What *did* surprise [shock] me was that it was a six month trial and the computer was about four years old so the computer had no AV for a long, LONG time (from memory the updated ended at the end of the trial and it was NOT giving any warning about being out of date).

    So Norton was quickly replaced with a popular free AV (with a decent reputation) and, from memory, yes the scans did find some viruses but not as many as I’d expected/feared.

    I also installed the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware [MBAM] and ran a quick scan.

    That showed some malware/suspicious stuff straight away so I stopped the quick scan and started a full scan instead.

    I checked on the computer an hour later (old, slow computer) the scan was still running and had found about 30-40 suspicious files/things. Not that much more than had shown up early into the quick scan.

    I checked again shortly thereafter and the scan finished and MBAM had found *over* *Ten* *THOUSAND* suspicious files/things.

    >> insert “Over 9000″ meme here<<

    I don’t remember how far over 10,000 – I was in shock and could not click the fix/remove fast enough :-p

    Amazingly, Malware Bytes Anti-Malware did seem to get all the malware. I stuck around to restart the computer and run a quick scan again, which came up clean. And I left it running another full scan which the people reported came back clean. (I also showed them both, and got them to write down, how to update the free version of MBAM and run scans)

    And surprise surprise, with all the malware gone, their internet speed & reliability was back to normal. I didn’t get any more calls for help from them about that so I think that somehow I managed to actually help them :-)

    Now, neither of that couple were the kind to go to any … disreputable … corners of the internet. I have little doubt that someone who did so with a ‘unprotected’ computer could ‘collect’ way more than 10,000 bits of malware.

    And if an old [single core] computer could keep running ok with over 10,000 bits of malware (it was just the internet that was ‘playing up’) it would not surprise me if a more modern computer with plenty of RAM and processor power could end up with as many Threats/Traces shown in the picture at the beginning of this story.

    ps: I’m not tech savy, if installing and running AV/anti-spyware(malware) doesn’t help I’m limited to what google searches can tell me.