Watch FedEx employees literally throw dozens of packages inside delivery truck [Video]

Ever received a broken package from FedEx (or any other delivery service)? Yeah, this is probably why. The sad part is, this supposedly happens a lot more often than just this video, which was captured this past Wednesday in Manhattan, New York.

FedEx spokeperson says the manager of the driver shown in the video has been contacted and “appropriate corrective action will be taken“.

[via DailyMail]

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  1. Geert

    To me, the last pack of boxes she put in the truck, must have contained fragile stuff. For sure. She was waaaaay to careful while putting it in… :-)

    Like Pink Floyd once sang: “Careful with that Axe, Eugene”…

  2. David Roper

    [@Mike] I saw that “corrective action” statement, but Mike, that could mean putting her in a series of FEDEX anger management classes for 6 weeks. She should be sweeping up the streets with a broom for a job – if she could get one. IMO – not IMHO. My Fedex guy is a wonderful person and I see him almost once a week.

    It’s cheaper to buy via Web with Amazon with a prime account and have him deliver it, than to waste my gas, car, insurance, and time looking for something in my city. I never get FEDEX or UPS boxes damaged from them.

  3. CJ Cotter

    WHY pick on FedEx? They’re ALL like that! I was once the shipping department for a very small pen company. I used to watch the UPS guy man-handle the boxes I had put together to ship out. I’ve gotten many a damaged package from USPS.

    As a result, I do NOT trust ANY of the package delivery companies. If I ship something, I put at least several inches of bubble-pak between my item and the walls of the box. Even more for fragile items.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS buy the extra insurance!!!