Missed out on the 1 year free a-squared Anti-Malware Pro license? I have 355 1 year licenses to giveaway for free.

Yesterday, Emisoft ran a 24-hour promotion giving away free 1 year licenses for a-squared Anti-Malware Pro. The promotion was open to the whole public so anyone had the opportunity to get it. However some people may have not been able to take advantage of the offer (for whatever reason). For those people that missed out, I generated a few extra 1 year licenses – 355 to be exact. So like I gave away 30 free 1 year Panda Internet Security 2010 licenses, I am giving away 355 1 year a-squared Anti-Malware Pro licenses for free. Here is how this giveaway will work:

  • If you want a license, post below. This is not a first come, first serve basis. When the number of comments below (asking for keys) hits 500, or this drawing has been going on for 48 hours, I will use a random selection system to determine who gets the keys. 55 of these keys are reserved for people who have donated to dotTech or wrote for dotTech in the past (if you have donated and want a key, please clarify this point in your comment and post with the e-mail address you donated with so I can confirm). The other 300 are for anyone that asks.
  • When posting a comment, please be sure to use the e-mail you want me to send the license to in case you win. However, please don’t post your e-mail in your comment! You should never post your e-mail on a public form. Just enter the e-mail you want me to send the key to in the “E-mail” field when writing your comment – I will be able to get your e-mail from there. Or if you are a registered dotTechie, just post a comment normally and I will be able to find your e-mail.
  • Any active dotTechie (i.e. posts comments, helps people out, etc.), anyone that has donated to dotTech, or anyone that has written for dotTech may request 2 licenses (one license will only work on one computer); everyone else may only request 1. Note that if you want 2 licenses, say so in your post. You will receive 2 licenses if you win.
  • After 48 hours have passed, if all 355 licenses have not been given away, the remainder of the licenses will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. At this point if you need more than 1 (or 2 if you are eligible to request 2) license, you may request 1 additional license.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Susie

    I can’t thank you enough for your site and everything you put into it. I am non-technical but you and your site has inspired me to learn more. I enjoy your humor and have shared your site with everyone I know. If there are any keys still available I would love one!

  2. Mayank

    Hello Ashraf.
    I M New To Ur Blog Site N I’d Really Appreciate Ur Work….
    I M just A Child Of 14 Years But
    I Really Like Computers N Technology.
    N I Loved Ur Blog Very much…..
    I Love Blogs Which R Realted To Tweaks N More…

    N So As A New Commenter I Hope I Would Be Too Eligible To Ur Freebie…….
    Or It Has End????

  3. Edward

    Hi Ashraf –
    Been missing your evaluations & comments over at GOTD. Hopefully you’re just on holiday and will be posting there again soon.

    If you have anymore a-squared licenses, I’d appreciate one.


  4. anthony i

    just stumbled across this site and find the information invaluable and reliable…definitely a regular visit from now on.

    additionally, i’d be grateful for an anti-malware license if any remain.
    thanks for the great site.

  5. sreedhav

    Dear Ashraf,
    I was and am absolutely impressed by your first and authoritative comments on GAOD site! In fact i do do not download what is promoted there unless and after i read your comments and alternative softwares which usually are much less of a hassle to download and free!

  6. Dave

    Asraf – I discovered your site last week after following a lead from GAOTD. I Like It!! Of ther different “help and advice” sites I have visited this seems the most compatible for my own approach. I hope I have this e-mail directed correctly as I would appreciate a chance for one of those A-Sq antimalware licenses. (I’m fairly new to this and it is a constant battle fending off the trojans and bots.) Anyway, I appreciate your site and what you are doing. Thank You.

  7. badboy

    I would like to have an ACTIVATION KEY SHARE,for famous softwares..i’m having genuine liscenses of followings..
    1.KIS 2010(4 liscences)
    2.NIS 2010(3 lisences)
    3.G-DATA 2010 antivirus(10 lisences)
    5tune up utilities 2009(2 liscences)
    6.Bitdefender 2010(1 lisecence)
    7.Wondershare Spyware Removal(4 liscences)
    8Ashampoo burning studio 2010(7 lisences)

    if you like for a key exchange,what you have to do is write a mail to me…

    ps:you have to mention the genuine software key that you like to exchange with me


  8. hopper


    THANKS for the software, I really do appreciate it. :O)

    I did have a problem though, after installation. When I logged off and my kids tried to log on, the system simply stopped at the screen between login and windows startup. Once I uninstalled the program, the issue went away. I don’t understand why that happened, does anyone have any suggestions? I am running Vista, installed the program as an admin, my kids user account is a limited account.


  9. Ray


    Like Deb, I’m late, but would appreciate a license if you have any left.

    And like Lee, I want to thank you for your reviews on GAoTD, because every word is accurate (and you’ve saved me more times than I want to say!) While I’m willing to use something in beta if I know the risks, I just am not ready to waste a lot of time fiddling with something that doesn’t do what it claims it will (or intimates that it will) but won’t. You are a blessing!

  10. Deb

    Good morning, Ashraf!

    I appreciate your reviews on GOTD! If you have a license left, I’d love to have one. I’ve been looking for a good virus program since mine went rogue a year ago and turned on my computer.


  11. Lee Daniels

    A) Thank you for your posts at GOTD. The majority of your alternative suggestions end up better than the giveaway. I rarely take the giveaway anymore, and appreciate your work so much I feel a bit guilty asking for a license for the a-squared, and do not mind being put at the end of the list. If there’s a leftover, I’ll name my next few children after you if you like. :-)

    B) Seriously and more importantly, I hope you know that there are plenty of people out here who trust your opinion 100x that of GOTD. You’re an asset. Thank you. < / kissup > (albeit sincere)

  12. Django

    Hi,generous offer highly appreciated.Hope i stand chance in getting a license. Your reviews have really helped and improved a newbie like me. Thanks for the great job you’ve been doing and look forward to lots more in the future.

  13. James

    Hello Ashraf!
    I love your website I just recently was able to receive a 1 year pro license for Iobit security 360 from here and I try to check check back often. I use the free version of A-squared and would like to have a pro License if any are still available. Thank You. James

  14. Dennis

    Hi, Ashraf!
    I just stumbled across your website a little while ago this afternoon & am really impressed! I’m surprised (and disappointed) that I haven’t found you earlier since I’ve had a lot of spare time since retiring 6 years ago, but, better late than never. Would sure like to get a free license to the a-squared Anti-Malware Pro. If I don’t, I’m still glad I found you!

  15. gerrold peppinger


    I have commented previously on JUST how much your coluum means to me in both your reviews…which go far beyond some pc mags (which also inject subtle bias into their comments). Reliable,dependable. doTech is not only a must daily read; it has become one-quarter of my Home Page.

  16. Jaug

    Hi ashraf. Really love your reviews. First time at your site and I am really enjoying it! I plan to become a regular visitor at the site.

    Would really like a one year license to a-square, (if any left)I am a user of the free version. Great tool, sometimes their are a few too many FP. Which they usually take care of in a future up date.

    Great work!! Thanks!

  17. George II

    Hi Ashraf! I’m a frequent visitor of your site because of its many interesting and informative tips and tricks. I would appreciate it if you could spare me one license. I missed out on the promo and badly need one. Thanks for whatever help you can give me.

  18. Frieda

    Just wanted to thank you Ashraf! I had no problem registering it at the main url, I was even able to create an account with a different email address than the one you sent, and my own password. The license key worked with the new info. Great stuff.


  19. Mayank

    Hi everybody! dottech is gr8 place. Ashraf if any of the licenses are left wit u then plz give them to me. I run a small computer learning center for underprivileged kids. Use kas av 2010. but am short of a few licenses. 1 license key would be of gr8 help. Thanx.

  20. mohan

    Dear Ashraf
    I am here in your blogsite becos of your comments I read on the GAOTD sites. I am impressed that you also have been a channel for giving out freebies.I noted that your opinions have been highly valued on the GAOTD
    I do not understand why you sit and stare however
    Are you going into the virtual reality
    of the future?

  21. Andrei_i

    Eh, it`s been four months since I test the free a-squared Anti-Malware which I apreciate for it`s detections, but I missed all the other oportunities to get a free pro license. I`m helping the online community to stay safe by exposing the bad sites I find. I hope that the community can help me back to secure my PC with one of the best antimalware available.
    Thanks for sharing your extra licenses :)

  22. YOran

    Because I did the trial version they want me to pay for 1-year license.I would appreciate if you could e-mail me a free license number. I enjoy your educating web site and wonder how you could find time to do it. Thanks for your all efforts.

  23. 5stringdean

    I had a suared once befor on a free for a year deal, but my old computer met with a firey death and I never could find it again until it was to late.
    I follow your reviews at gaotd and I always wind up here reading about stuff (I don’t have anything but a basic working knowlage of these infernal boxes LOL)
    I always get that “OH YEAH!!! I GET IT” feeling after being here for some great reading.
    I would like to have the a-squared again but I am in total agreement with your method and if I miss out on this one, well I just have to pay more attention next time.
    Thank you for the endless hours spent to make shure someone like me don’t get a hold of some caca programs. ;)

  24. jay

    I love the a-squared free product. When I had a bad trojan take over my computer (which was acting differently but I was not paying enough attention), my Norton virus scan said everything was ok. It was corrupted too. A-squared picked up over 250 new problems. All executables were not working or corrupt.I now rely on a-squared to tell me my computer is ok. I’d love a better malware version. Thanks Ashraf for your reviews. I now also backup regularly with Acronis.

  25. mjrdoc


    Your site and your advice are invaluable! Your GOTD reviews are my guide as to whether to install their offerings or not.

    I would very much like 1 license for A-Squared AntiMalware Pro if one is still available.

    Thanks again,


  26. BillM

    Wouldn’t ya know it. Yesterday was the first time in months that I didn’t stop by here nor check my email until the wee hours of the morning (was very busy all day) so I missed out on the giveaway. :(

    I’m custom building a new beast and would very much like to use the A-Squared Pro on that system. Please enter me into your drawing Ashraf, and keep up the great reviews.

  27. Conn09

    @Krish: Where the HECK did you get the idea that he was giving away a Norton 2010 Key. DON’T JUST COME HERE THINKING YOU CAN GET A FREEBIE, IF YOU DO AT LEAST READ THE ARTICLE FIRST!!!!!!

    This is a giveaway for A-Squared Anti-Malware!!!!!

  28. Mark Churchill

    If it’s free it,s for me & I’ll take three. I’m a major fan. Thanks for all your advice and sharing. Again I would like to share a major freebie for budding Web Developers. Check out Microsoft Webspark & Bizspark. Like ta see ya review these freebie programs Ashraf.

  29. Donnyva

    I too would like a key please, and this would be a great birthday gift for me today. BTW, I’d like to mention a few things. First, for anyone who cares about their data, they should have a removable SATA hard drive bay and a SATA drive/mobo combo so that they can easily grab their drive/data in case of an emergency. By changing the boot order on the computer to the SATA drive it will allow the user to boot from the SATA drive and install a program. If they visit the GAOTD and install the better reviewed programs, over time they could have a great set of applications. At that point, they could use one of the free imaging applications recommended by dottech and then they would always have their data. BTW, it’s a great idea to buy hard drives in pairs and make sure that the drives are identical, down to the firmware in case of a failure. I have been able to recover data off of a few “Bad” drives by switching out the circuit board on the bottom of the hard drive. Sorry for the long post, but if one uses this advice, it can save you in a bind.

  30. Matt

    Hi Ashraf!

    Just one question: how do you get so many licences? What kind of script do you use to do it? If not, you do it by hand? I do not need a licence, by the way, since I visit your blog every day, I got mines! Greetings!

  31. 4624Raymond

    Tryed to get a key yesterday, but was told as I have an account (a squared free) I was not eligible.

    Have two machines, so two would be great, but would not want to be greedy and deprive another dottechie.

    Many Thanks, keep up the good work!!

  32. Obajoshi

    If the keys are still available, please drop me one Ash. Truly appreciate your reviews on GAOTD, but the many negative comments there have turned me to Dot.tech. Keep up the good work.
    Gat to go, a new laptop battery just turned off my laptop and wiped up both my hard disk and back up drive. Am currently using DiskDigger. Will let you know how it goes.

    Adios amigos hasta manana !!

  33. MichaelC

    I would like a key. AND, like many others here, have been reading and relying on your GOTD & other reviews for a long time. Really appreciate the information, and especially the comparisons & recommendations for other freeware. Now when I save the setup file for some apps, I’ll put ASHRAF in the title, to know where it came from.

  34. Les Hawkins

    I tried to download this when you first advised but something hiccuped. When I went to the site I couldn’t download because last year I had this same program & the download site asked which (greyed out) licence I wanted to use & of course I couldn’t select a greyed out option so I deleted the program using Revo Uninstaller. I lost the program after a crash. Cheers & keep on keeping on!

  35. Iouri

    Hi Ashraf! I’m on your e-mail list and read your articles frequently. I missed the 24 hour deadline for the a-squared 1 year free license. My fault. Mixed the time. It would be nice to get a free key from you. Thanks in advance.

  36. Philip

    Asraf Thank you for this opportunity for a fee license. I did encounter one problem with the original offering. I did not actually miss it – they would not give it to me because they had already my e-mail from a previous log in in the past and they said that e-mail was not valid to use again. So I do hope I can take advantage of this second chance.

  37. Shellca

    Hopefully, I will also be in the running for a key. I downloaded the file from the Emisoft site during the 24-hr period, only to find out too late that the file was corrupt and needed to be downloaded again. Ah well, some you win and some you lose.

    Now would also be a good opportunity to say thank you Ashraf ~ your comments on various software are always the first to be read.

  38. Captn

    Hi, I missed the 24 hour deadline for the a-squared 1 year free license (wasn’t even aware of it till this evening) but if you have a Key to spare I’d certainly appreciate one.

    I think it’s very generous of you. Thanks

  39. Frayne

    Since i found Giveawayoftheday I would read just about every comment on their website till I got smart enough to read your evaluation of the programs they offer. It saves a lot of time for me just to read your comments first and I’ve come to trust your reviews. It must take a LOT of time to keep this website going and let me tell youI appreciate it as do Most of the people reading your reviews. I only have dial-up here so hopefully I can get a license from you in the near future. So whatever happens Thank You for all your work. BTW it will take me about 5 hours give or take to download 64megs so hopefully your offer is more than 24 hours cause I can only download something that big after I go to bed late at night while the phone won’t be in use for conversations. Again Thank You.

  40. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Adrian: I have my ways which I have no doubt you will figure out soon as I send you the e-mail =).

    @Bruce Kodatt: My records show you have donated. However you did not use the same e-mail in your comment so I had to verify it by your name. Check your e-mail for a license please. Thanks for your donation!

    Everyone that has donated: please, please try to use the same e-mail as you donated with so I can verify.

    @J&T: Check your e-mail please and thanks for the donation!

  41. AnCa Ann

    I would love to be considered for the a-squared Anti-Malware license. Using the free online scanner along with your recommended Avira at the time. I value your reviews and advise and will use this opportunity to send you many thanks for all the help since you started dotTech.

  42. paul zickafoose

    Hi Ashraf!!!

    I have been a avid reader of your blogs and reviews ever since I found the GOTD website (around a year ago). I would always look for ur review to help me decide if i wanted to download!! Around this same time I found ur website and joined right away!!!! I just want to say THANK YOU for all the hard work u put into ur reviews and the articles on Dottech!!!! It really helps me out as I am fairly new to using a computer, a late bloomer, LOL. Yes I would love to get at least one license if u have one, all i can get where I live is dail-up (56k) This really sucks!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!
    some of us newbies really need you! lol.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  43. Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!!

    It’s Giovanni!!

    Unfortunately my bloody dial up 56K connection prevented me from downloading this special offer in time (64 Mb download is not a joke for me…LOL!!)

    So I’m interested in getting a new 1 year licence from you but do you know whether or not I can validate the licence of this promo of yours to a date of my choice so as to extend the licence to a date to be decided?

  44. victoria

    I don’t need a license (although I tried five times before I finally installed it uncorrupted), but just wanted to add that this was amazingly nice of you to do. Your hard work is as always greatly appreciated!

  45. Bruce Kodatt

    I would like to also be considered for the a-squared malware program.

    I am truthfully not sure if I have donated in the past…I believe I have, though.

    Regardless, thanks for your program reviews and links.

  46. J&T

    I finally donated to your site. You deserve much more for all your time and effort but it is all I could do right now. I love reading your posts and always rely on your research before installing the programs. Keep up the great work and if you have any licenses left I’d greatly appreciate one or two. Thanks so much.
    P.S. If you ever wonder why so many posts when you give something away for free, it is a true sign of how many people actually pay attention to what you do for them. CONGRATS!!!

  47. garfield

    Ashraf, I always miss out on these US promos because I tend to be asleep or on the way to work when they’re about to expire (I was particularly keen on getting Iolo and Zone Alarm products but missed out due to timing)

    so, yes, would greatly appreciate a key if poss.

  48. Tortuga

    Dear Ash :-D

    Duhh … I saw your post on h2 get the A2 license, was waaaay tired, so didn’t read it. But figured I had ~24hrs right?! So went to bed! Ahhh HaHa!! :roll:

    Throw my name in the hat for 1 license then.

    Just hope you’ll have more fun w this giveaway than the last, as it is a humongous amount a work. You are very brave!!!


  49. justnakenny

    Hello Ashraf,

    I tried twice to download the frre licence, the first time for over 6hrs, yes, 6 hours because it takes my computer 5 to 6 minutes per MG. The second time I tried for a little over 4 hours and once again it dropped, and I lost it.

    So, I would really appreciate one of your free keys, if you still have any of them. But thank you whichever way that it works out.

    Please keep up the good work because I for one, would be kinda lost without your reviews.

    Thanks again.



  50. Jerry Tyslan

    Thanks very much for your excellent work. I have come to reply on it.

    Please consider me when you dole out the a2 Malware keys. (They rejected my application because of something I did with them a long tome ago).

    Thanks again!!

  51. Geoff

    Ashraf, thank you for considering my request for an A-squared license. I greatly appreciate all the reviews you conduct as well as all the other information you provide on your website.

    PS – I was unable to connect to the promo website yesterday.

  52. donna dawson

    I have not contributed to this forum,mainly because I feared my posts would sound dumb. However, I will now do so. I have taken advantage of several freebies and appreciate this website very much. I would appreciate a license if there are any available after all posters and contributors have received theirs. Make it a great day.