Ask dotTechies: What e-mail service (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) do you use the most?

E-mail is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular, if not the most popular, medium for communication today. So, I am curious, what e-mail service do dotTechies mainly use? Now I know many people have multiple e-mails from many different e-mail services. Please select the service that you use for your main e-mail; the e-mail you check the most often:

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If you have any thoughts on this topic, feel free to share them below. However please, please no one post their actual e-mail in the comments for everyone to see.

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  1. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Samuel: If I connected multiple e-mail addresses to the same webmail inbox, yes. But I don’t for the most part. The only one that I do I can reply from without fear because of how the receiving server recognizes my e-mail.

  2. Samuel

    @Ashraf: I use to, but the problem was I had too many emails. With web clients I can only have so many filters and only so many folders, and I can’t put folders in folders. In Outlook I can, so I decided to use Outlook, though I don’t have it delete emails from the server so I can check them from the web client.

  3. a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and everyone

    I have an email account with all the big providers and one with SignupShield that creates disposable email addresses tailored to wherever I am using it for example “”

    I know they’re a bit long but if I am spammed because they have sold or given away my email address at least then I can prove irrefutably that that organisation passed on my email when they promised not too. And then I can block that address thro’ SignupShield

    I have all my email accounts configured to be collected and brought to my pc by IncrediMail which is the best possible email platform to use for those of us like me who are not very artistically creative and they provide stunning email stationary and 3D effects.

  4. jumbi

    All fans of gmail, checkout gmail Labs!
    You will find great possibilities.

    Gmail was the first online email with successful spam filtering. I switched to gmail some years ago when I got fed up from spam in yahoo and hotmail… I dont know how they deal now with spam.
    Also it was the first from these 3 big companies that offered free pop access. At that day both microsoft and yahoo were selling pop access with subscription fees…

    Also gmail can be connected with other useful google services like googleapps, googledocs, etc…
    (for example sharing online doc or excel files with friends collegues etc is very easy, but they need a google account as well)

    Conclusion: GMAIL.

  5. Mags

    @Ed: I was also a Netscape fan but once AOL took it over it just wasn’t the same. I’ve never trusted IE and never will! I’ve also never trusted hotmail and also don’t trust live since it is just another version of hotmail.

  6. Mags

    I’m currently using fastmail for online use. I was fortunate enough to open a free account years ago before they stopped offering it (due to abuse by some.) Those that didn’t abuse their accounts were allowed to keep their free service.

    I also use my ISP and one that I created for my business.

  7. Ed

    @#14: funny someone would trust Microsoft instead of Google. Let’s see: Microsoft did not think it needed to allow more storage space for Hotmail until Gmail came along. Nor did they think they needed to create a safer browser until Firefox came along. We had a great browser called Netscape, eons ago, that Microsoft killed using unfair competition practices. Ah yes, and who can forget those billions in fines and violation of antitrust laws in Europe and the US and the launching of Vista, which took close to seven years to develop?
    Gmail gets my vote by far: none of them are perfect, and web-based versus computer-based never eliminate the inherent risks. When you use more than one computer (like I do) web-based is a Godsend, and Gmail is it.

  8. Pete

    I use hotmail because I’ve got loads of space (25 gigs to be exact) for all my emails and for file sharing.

    They’ve also made some nice software like Windows Live Mail and of course Windows Live Messenger. Third, and biggest reason, is because I trust Microsoft more than Google.

    Google has loads of nice software, like Google Desktop (but it’s a little bloated with features that has nothing to do with searching) and Google Chrome, but I simply don’t trust them enough.

  9. Rob

    An interesting companion survey might be why do people NOT use their own ISP’s email service.
    I have used Gmail, a few times because it allowed larger attachments (greater than 10 MB).
    And I tell my friends to send emails to my Gmail if they have largish attachments(say 5MB), because my flippin ISP starts rejecting my emails when I have more than 10 MB unread (AGH!).
    I can understand a 2nd reason for NOT using your ISP – You like to access your emails from different PC’s (Work or Internet cafe, or friends)
    Apart from those reasons, I think it extremely strange that so many people do not use their ISP for their main email.

    PS I thought of a valid 3rd reason – some of you like to keep changing your ISP

  10. ZionPercona

    I use Windows Live, and all the stuff that comes with it.
    I used to use AOL, then switched to Windows Live (still MSN back then), upon recommendation.
    I’m not really a big GMail fan (I have one, mostly for spam, and “Oh we don’t accept Windows Live addresses” moments”), but most of my friends email me via my Windows Live address, which kind of keeps me from switching. (I’m also signed up here via Windows Live)

    POP3 is available to the paid version of Yahoo Mail…

  11. Mr.J

    I mainly use Gmail for most of anything now, cause my Yahoo! Mail account was linked to the “dark ages” of my life :D.
    But I check both of them everyday, because I use Thunderbird as my email client, with both accounts set up (with tons of filters).

  12. Steelers6

    Outlook 2007 comes with the job. I actually like it, I don’t have to go fetching thru the web to read my e-mail. But I also have a Gmail account because it is POP3 enabled.

    I can forward outlok to gmail and gmail to outlook,so I get my messages wherever I am. Not a bad mix. Too bad Yahoo isn’t POP3. I also get a windows live account for free from ISP and it syncs to my outlook and gmail. So I have difeerent e-mails I can use all of the time.

    Vidimo Se!