“We’re engineers, we can do anything” [Humor]


What I want to know is how the VP of engineering didn’t understand that the computer needs specific parts to work. I realize that there are different types of engineering and not all engineers have the same skills set, but come on — he is an engineer, you would think he at least knows the basics.

Obviously not.

[via Reddit]

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  1. Gioneo

    ” The manufacturer would send you a quote listing out all the components and the price of each component. ”

    Cables were listed separately as Dutch was able to cross them out.

    Bottom line he should be able to order them separately… Unless I’m missing something.

  2. Mr.Dave

    Just because he ran the Engineering department doesn’t mean he was an Engineer. One thing about the story has me baffled: if they can ship part of the original order at a reduced cost, then there is no reason they can’t ship the other part of the order at a reduced cost. They did it once, they can do it again.