If you asked, you got: a-squared Anti-Malware Pro 1 year licenses have been sent out

I have just now finished e-mail the a-squared Anti-Malware Pro 1 year licenses (it took me a really, really, really long time to send out all the email =X). Since I had so many licenses, everyone that asked in the comments of the “Missed out on the 1 year free a-squared Anti-Malware Pro license? I have 355 1 year licenses to giveaway for free” article got one. Please check your e-mails! All necessary information is in the e-mail I sent. I noticed many people used “spam” e-mails. That is fine with me – I don’t care which e-mail you told me to use. Just be sure to not forget to check that “spam” e-mail.

Also, some people asked for multiple licenses. Since I had so many e-mails to send out, I did not fully read the comments, otherwise it would have taken me longer than it has already, so I only sent out single licenses (unless you are a monetary supporter or a guest author) even if I was asked for two. At this point, because I have extra licenses left over, everyone can ask for additional licenses if you need them. To ensure everyone has a fair chance at multiple licenses, or even their first license, everyone, bar monetary supporters and guest authors, is limited to 1 extra license; monetary supporters and guest authors can ask for as many extra licenses as they want (within reason). If I still have left over licenses after 48 hours, I will again allow people to ask for additional licenses even if you have received 2 already.

Post below if you want an extra license.

Update: Remember this is now a first come, first serve basis!

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  1. joker66

    kikou pourais je avoir une license svp j’étais abonné chez eux mais malheureusement les frais monte de plus en plus et je n’ai malheureusement plus les moyen de le permetre, merci d’avance biz

  2. KaparAugust

    Hello Ashraf!

    I made a small joke about the name; KaparAugust. The first part of it is almost the same as pirate in Swedish. The difference is that Kapare was allowed by the king to take only a part of the cargo and share it with the king. Early form of todays taxes.

    Anyhow, and I do now it is late, but a license should be nice if still any left.

    I have tried so many programs of this kind but not yet: a-squared Anti-Malware Pro 1 year licenses

    Anyway, best regards


  3. bladerunner

    Hiya Ashraf,

    Of course, many THANKS — I got your e-Mail with my license for the very BEST, A-Squared !!

    If any remain, may I have one for my father ??

    He’s using Avira, which is a close second to A-Squared.

    In any case, I appreciate your trouble — CHEERS !!

  4. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Kev93: I am confused myself LOL. Yes you can ask for keys for anyone you want; I honestly don’t care who is going to use the key.

    Man I need some system of fairly evaluating who is eligible for extra licenses and who is not; currently it is very subjective and can be unfair at times.

    I may try to hack and slash together a WordPress plugin to do the trick.

    Oh and I just e-mailed out 41 licenses to the first 41 people that asked on this thread. I have ~50 left to give out which I will give out soon.

  5. Kev93

    @Ashraf: I am (I think) eligible for two. I was confused because you said “I only sent out single licenses”. I would consider myself as being ‘active’ around here, so unless I misunderstood I could get two copy’s.

    Can we ask for copy’s for friends and family? I used one copy you sent for a friend already. He doesn’t have internet and ask for a key unless he’s here.

    BTW I’m not complaining. If I can’t have another license then i’m fine with that. I’m just a little confused thats all.

  6. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Kev93: Sorry.

    Um preferably if I already sent you 2 licenses and you were not eligible for 2 licenses as per my guild lines, then no you can’t ask for a third. I am not sure why I sent you two if you were not eligible. Guess I was feeling charitable =P.

  7. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Samer: Contact Emsisoft support – I can’t help you with that issue.

    @Nathan: I don’t have any more details to share =(.

    @Inger Anne-Sofi Jansson: Did you follow the directions I sent in my follow-up email?

    @Steelers6: I sent you one. Are you sure you are checking the right e-mail? The e-mail you posted with on the earlier thread is different than the one you are using now.

    The problem with using “spam” emails is people often forget what email they used.

    @Eduardo: That is because you asked after I already gave them out.

  8. Steelers6

    I just wanted to say thanks Ashraf!

    I didn’t get the e-mail and checked my spam.

    But it is all good, I’ve gotten many great things from this website so give it to someone who could really use it more.

    I’ve been blessed with all the great freebees here and the help by the Dottechie community.

    Vidimo Se!

  9. Kev93

    Weird… You sent me two licences. I haven’t given any money that I know of, and the only article I even ‘helped’ with is th ‘anti-rickrolling’ one. So would I qualify for a third licence or not?

    BTW, THANKS for the two you already sent.

  10. Nathan

    Hi Ashraf,

    thanks a lot for the license, much appreciated. I managed to log in without any problems, but just wanted to ask you before converting the license: I had previous experience with a-squared giveaway where the license was activated on the date of the promotion, not the actual date of converting it. I assume it will be the same again, but could you please share more details?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Paul

    I wanted to say thank you soooooo much for the license to a-squared you are great!!!!!! This helps me out so much, because with this dial up it takes forever! LOL
    Also if you have another I would like to have one for my laptop if you have extra one.
    for all the hard work u put into doing these things for others!!! May GOD bless you!

  12. Samer

    Ashraf I have sent u several msgs before … first time the password u sent didn’t work and neither did the second work for me … I was able to log in to the site as u suggested though, and change the user name and password that worked … then I used the license code u provided … now even though it said license code converted successfully it is still saying 30 day trial .. and when the computer starts it pops up saying 30 day trial but 365 days left :S

    please check these screen captures to see what I mean




    so since the first one hasn’t been successful for me I’d appreciate it if u have another one to spare

    and thanks for ur time :)

  13. Roland

    First I like to Thank u for the first one..works on my computer and she did find stuff that might be questionable-so better be save, I erase..

    If possible, I would like another for my laptop. I assume we will have to open another log in at Emsi..anyways, mighty thanks again

  14. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @gmon: Did you post a comment in the other article? If so I am not sure how I missed you; I do apologize. Don’t worry though, you will get one now.

    @Everyone: I will mail out the licenses soon – probably by tomorrow. I believe I have 50-80 left, so I will just go down the list of who asked first (for the most part) and give them out until they go away.

  15. LeAnn

    I can’t believe I missed this! :) I have been waiting for it. I was out of town taking care of my mother and completely missed it all!

    I would love to have a license if you still have any to spare. I would even take and extra if you have 2 to spare.

    Thank you so very much for offering this Ashraf. Thahk you too for all your time you spend on all the great stuff you send out to everyone…You are appreciated!!!!

  16. Conn09

    I’d like another license key Ashraf, i really like the extra layer of defence that a-squared adds to my computers and i can use the extra key for my Vista tower PC (i’m using my Xp laptop at the moment).

    Thanks Ashraf,


  17. OldElmerFudd


    I can’t recall if I’ve donated before now, but I sure planned to. You provide a valuable service pretty much on your own dime; it’s small thanks. Just finished pressing all the right keys, so you should have notice soon. Bravely, I used PayPal (they keep better track of my funds than I do!).

    If you have another license to give away, I’d like one for an XP box I’m throwing a wireless card on.

  18. Kraal FictionWriter

    Hey there. I was on an internet Hiatus for a while, so I think I missed out on the last round.

    Scratch that. I know I missed out.

    It would be awesome if you had an extra license for me. No worries if you don’t, but I’ll keep an eye out so I don’t miss my chance. =)

    Thanks for the great site, and all the awesome work here.

  19. BillM

    Thanks for the first license Ashraf. I haven’t installed it yet because I wanted it for the new system that I am building which won’t be completed until I order and receive all of the components.

    Since you have extras being offered though, I’ll request a second for my laptop too.

    I do have a question for you… are the licenses time-limited at all? The one that I received may not be downloaded and installed for a month or two beacause the system that I’m building will have some very new tech and I may have to wait on availability for a few parts.

    Thanks again Ashraf. Very much appreciated.

  20. kiriti

    hey hiii… i really like the reviews which u provide for the site ‘giveawayoftheday’ i daily check ur rating and download the software if its ‘recommended’by U.
    i want a licence please for myself

  21. justnakenny

    Hello Ashraf,

    Can I please have another license, since the one that I have now is for my WinME system, and I’m hoping to setup another computer that has WinXP on it, which is a different license?

    Anyway, whichever way it works out, please keep up the good work.

    Thank you.


  22. Quro@75

    @Ashraf & all Dottechies.
    Just to share my story on how to activate the licence code for A2 from Ahsraf today. Here is the way I did that:
    First, I logging to emsisoft with my real account (existing, for about 2 months now), not the account that Ashraf gave me today. Then I went to my license manage section (and yes, still no license listed there), entering my coupon code from Ashraf and converted for a license. Viola!! Now I have A2 license for 1 year.
    So I installed my A2 setup file, provided the form with my account detail, the program checked my account into A2 website, downloaded it’s database file, and that was it.
    Now I have A-Squared Anti Malware Pro with 1 year license on my PC. Isn’t that awesome?
    Thank you Ahsraf. You are my man :)

  23. 4624Raymond

    Thanks! Downloaded the trial version, created an account, then hit the coupon button and pasted the code and hey presto!!

    Would like another for my laptop, if any left over?

    Once again, Thanks!!

    P.S. As soon as I ran it – 4 trojans not picked up by MWB or MSE!!!

  24. joa1

    ashraf, i just found your website recently, but truly appreciate what you offer! saves people so much pain and wasted time!!! i think you should consider another way for donations as not everyone can or will use PayPal… for me, it’s PayPal.CON! some people have had BAAAAD experiences with them, and been paypal.CONned! and will not use them any longer (my case!)… just a thought, in case it makes sense to you! if i could have a license, i would appreciate it, but serve those who have been around dottech.org longer first… fair is fair. regards, joa1