Forget Google Fiber, this person gets 3,384,547 Gbps speeds [Image]


That is on Steam. Either this person has a super-duper-quadruple fast internet connection, or this is a Steam fail.

For anyone wondering how I got the 3,384,547 Gbps number mentioned in the title, it is like this: 433,221,952 MB/S * 8 =  3,465,775,616 Mbps (because MB/S = megabytes per second while Mbps = megabits per second, and one megabyte is 8x larger than one megabit) and then 3,465,775,616 / 1024 = 3,384,546.5 Gbps (because 1 Gbps = 1,024 Mbps).

[via Reddit]

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