Man owns a Mac but still falls for “I am from Windows tech support” scam [Humor]


Dot, dot, dot is the best response I have for this.

By the way, I’ve never received these fake scam calls from “Windows tech support”. Have you? Let us know in the comments below!

[via hulkwillsmashu]

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  1. Mr Mann

    I love these calls. I respond back with a very, very heavy Indian accent (the dot kind, not the feather kind) and keep asking all sorts of stupid questions. My goal is to keep them on the line as long as possible, to insult their accent, and to ask the stupidest questions possible. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Seamus McSeamus

    I’ve never gotten a call from MS tech support. I have gotten calls telling me about the great vacation cruise I’ve just been randomly selected to win. All they need is my cc info to process my claim – for verification purposes only, naturally.

  3. Madhamish

    I get these calls all the time, if I’ve got time I play along for a while, having been in Tech. Support for years, I eventually tell them about all my MSCE courses and I’ve noticed the line suddenly goes dead. Was it something I said?

  4. Darcy

    I haven’t but they probably would hang up on me anyway. Having been in tech support for many years myself, I love it when a support rep tries to get condescending to me. I start using industry jargon and asking questions, it isn’t long before they realize I know more than they usually do. To be fair, most of them are only trained to read from a script, not understand what they are doing. It becomes a whole different experience when they suddenly realize how much I know, and usually a short one. They send me up to a higher lever of support in a hurry. =)

  5. Mags

    I’ve gotten those calls, but just never answered them. My philosophy on numbers I don’t recognize is to let it go to my answering machine, that way if it is a legit call I will answer, if not I just leave it.

    Another thing I do when someone calls using a number I don’t recognize and don’t leave a message is to check the number on the net. If it is a spammer or the “Windows Tech Support” I make a note of the number. If I see those numbers again I immediately pick up the phone and hang up again.