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  1. erina on your link
    in ‘For final verdict, recommendations, and full review please click here.’ on didn’t exist (at this time)

  2. Sputnik

    Hi !

    I just want to say I fully agree with Ashraf when he says that “CleanMem is the best RAM/memory management/freeing tool you will find.”.

    From time to time I have tried many of these RAM/memory optimizers and almost no one seemed to be better than the other and I just could not see any improvement.

    Yesterday I have installed CleanMem, about which I knew that Ashraf talked in good about it, and I really saw an improvement.

    The soft install himself as a scheduled task which run each 30 minutes if I remember well : I have changed this setting so that it runs every 10 minutes.

    With the help of Anvir Task Manager, I know that when CleanMem runs, it runs for about only 3 to 4 seconds, no more. I also see that it almost doesn’t affects the CPU or memory consumption.

    I have just made a simple checkout before sending this comment : before the use of CleanMem my memory consumption was of 45% and after it was 36%, which means a 20% improvement.

    Thank you Ashraf ! :-)