Can you figure out how many squares are in this picture? [Image]


If you counted 27… you’d be wrong.

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  1. Mags

    Frig, just saw another 2 squares I previously missed. However, I also consider these to been ineligible as their lines are also cut off by the 2 smaller squares in the middle. Therefore my revised number, if counting the squares I consider ineligible, is 36.

  2. Mags

    Okay, wasn’t fully paying attention this am as had other things to do. Now that I’m done I could fully concentrate.

    Final answer is 25. I still think that the inner squares don’t count. The smaller squares cut off the corners of the other squares plus cut of the lines of the square in the centre, thus making them ineligible for counting.

    Main square outline = 1
    Divide main square in quarters with 2 lines = 4
    Divide each inner square in quarters = 16 – 8 = 8 (This is where I think the number should be 8 not 16)
    Plus when looking at it you see another 3 inner squares in the middle = 3 – 1 =2
    Inside each of those 2 inner squares is another smaller square = 2
    Those smaller squares are again divided = 8

    However if you count the 9 squares which I think don’t count then the number is 34

    That is it, no more doing this.

    Ashraf please tell, what is the correct number?

  3. Luca F.

    “2×2 sets of those smaller squares = 5″
    Darcy, the above 2×2 squares are actually 9. Just find the first one (upper-left angle), then shift it for just one square on the right and find the second one, then again for the third one, and you reach the right side of the big square. Then repeat going down for one square, and so on.
    I hope I made it clear, because my English is a little poor.

  4. Darcy

    I’m only finding 36, can’t see the extra 4 mentioned above.

    The entire diagram = 1
    Smaller squares in a 4×4 grid plus the two similar size ones overlapping lines = 18
    2×2 sets of those smaller squares = 5
    3×3 sets of those smaller squares = 4
    2 sets of 4 smallest size squares = 8

    That totals 36 to me. Anyone care to point out the other 4?

  5. Luca F.

    I also think 40.
    The big one that is 4×4 cells.
    There are 4 squares that are 3×3 at each corner.
    There are 9 squares 2×2.
    There are 16 squares 1×1.
    The two squares overlapped in the middle.
    The 4 little squares inside each of the two squares in the middle.

  6. Mags

    Going out on a limb here, but I say 19.

    Original large square = 1, 4 squares inside on the left and right side = 8, 1 square in the middle of top 2 rows and 1 square in middle of bottom 2 rows = 2 (Note, the squares in the middle of those two rows eliminate those rows as being squares.)

    Then those 2 squares each contain 4 small squares which = 8.

    Therefore, 1 + 8 + 2 + 8 = 19

    I could be wrong but that is my guess.