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And the winners of the 20 lifetime Outpost Security Suite Pro licenses are…

Posted By Ashraf On November 30, 2009 @ 10:00 PM In Announcements,dotTech Promotions,Freebies | 33 Comments

On Friday I posted about a dotTech Exclusive giveaway of free 20 lifetime Outpost Security Suite Pro licenses [1]. If I say so my self, the response from dotTechies was stupendous. The winners have been decided; I used a random number generating system as promised:

Congratulations to those who won and better luck next time to those that did not. Everyone that won, everyone who is listed above, please check your e-mail for your license. Agnitum will send you one soon. I noticed some people used “spam” e-mails – be sure to check them if you won! Be sure to add @agnitum.com to your whitelist/safelist so the e-mail does not get sent to your junk/spam box! Be sure to add @agnitum.com to your whitelist/safelist so the e-mail does not get sent to your junk/spam box.

Update: The e-mails have been sent out. Check your junk/spam box if you are a winner and you can’t find the e-mail.

Thank you to Agnitum [22]for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you to everyone that participated. Keep in mind if you did not win and would like lifetime license of Outpost Firewall Pro, you can get it – for a limited time [23] – for $49.95 single PC or $69.99 3 PCs! There are also many other special deals running on Outpost Security Suite Pro and other software – check out Agnitum.com [24] to find out more. As I have said before, you don’t have to spend money to have excellent protection but if you do spend money on software, security software are always a worthy investment.

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