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  1. Darcy

    A friend of mine, long time ago now, got his Mom a wireless phone. Her phone calls shot through the roof, causing a lot of overage. He asked her about it and she said, “That can’t be, I used the phone you got me. It’s not connected to anything.” In her favor, wireless phones were brand new and she was in her late 70’s, but still . . ..

  2. Justa Comment

    I love how you tried to tell him the truth, but he would have none of it. I love how you exercised lots and lots of patience and got the information you needed to “work around the problem.” You are a credit to your profession. The guy with the unsecured network definitely deserves to pay for the overage, however, I suspect that you also have the heart to maybe cut him a little break. As for the ex-customer stealing wifi, well, yes, and I have too, but not as a main connection to the internet, just for the occasional need to check for an email, or send a small file, whilst away from my premises. His intransigence will be his own undoing.