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  1. Darcy

    Electronics can survive an immersion in water, so long as there is zero power being used, which means even the battery can’t be inside it, and you thoroughly dry it out before powering it up again. Even after drying it out I would wait 24 hours before putting power back into it for safety and pack it in freshly popped popcorn during that time (helps absorb moisture).

    Believe it or not, salt water is less damaging under that circumstance. Best yet is after drying it, disassemble and use a zero residue cleaner spray to be sure.

    The number of layers involved in a liquid crystal display are probably the culprit here. Either water got into the layers, highly unlikely the way they are sealed but possible, or thermal shock caused them to separate forming air bubbles. Unlikely I admit, but that’s the most likely alternative I can think of and it fits the look of the screen. I’ve never seen it to this extent though.