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  1. davidroper

    Most of the sophisticated “hacks” claimed by the stupid media reporters are simply accomplished by what the cartoon is doing, ie looking over a person’s shoulder at work.

    I had one such “hack” done when and where I was in charge at a hospital in NC, done because one of my workers had installed a VPN off the web so her lazy ass would not have to walk down a flight of stairs to help a IDtenT.

    I understand that because the IDtenT called her 5 times a day. What my IT worker did not do is change the downloaded default WEB password for it from ADMIN and the system and everything got “hacked”.

    Oh yeah, I heard about it all right. And loudly at a staff meeting. I’m lucky to have kept my job over it. I am glad those days are over for me now as I sit here retired and commenting freely on Ashman’s blog board.