Help dotTech win “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards!

Back in March I asked for assistance in making dotTech number 1 in “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards. Well 2009 is coming to an end and I would very much still love to win that award for dotTech. So, I once again ask the dotTech family to band together and vote for dotTech as the “Best Geek Blog” of 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards (click here to vote)! Currently the leader in the “Best Geek Blog” category has 510 votes; to lock in the first spot inshAllah I believe dotTech needs 1000+ votes because there is bound to be a last-minute surge by other blogs.

Unfortunately, to vote you do have to register with BCA. It is doubly unfortunate that registration involves entering a lot of personal information:


Now personally speaking, I would never enter that much personal information on a website run by an unknown company. Heck, I even bite my tongue when giving that information to my bank. So if you don’t feel comfortable giving that information out and therefore will not register and therefore will not vote for dotTech… don’t sweat it – I understand, it is OK. However, every and all votes are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. MikeR

    Added my vote. But. . .

    Is this award really worth having?

    Not in my book.

    Reasons are given in my comments in the dot tech blog award section, viz:


    I’m not actually sure whether the ‘Bloggers Choice’ award is even worth competing for, seeing as how there’s something highly suspect — to say the least — about two entries in the nominations list for the same *brian*.

    Not only that: the ramping up of nominations by a single vote “click” is, candidly, pathetic: if a nominator *truly* believes her / his choice is worthy of an award, then the least she / he could do is say why.

    Not only would this underpin the credibility of the nominator, it would guarantee the credibility of the award itself.

    Anyway. As Pamanda has rightly said, the number of comments for Ashraf’s dot tech blog far, far exceeds the number of comments for any other nomination in the Geek category.

    That’s not because of deceit or duplicity on the part of those commenting, but because Ashraf’s dot tech is a model of integrity, and attracts to it those who value integrity in the cyber world.

    An invaluable rsource for objective, comprehensive computer-related information, dot tech will, in my book, continue to rank up there with the Internet’s very best — and to be honest, I couldn’t give a damn whether another blog site earns more single-click votes.

    It’s the *feedback* of users that’s important.

    On which basis, dot tech has already won hands down.


    ‘S funny, the way sites like that one go to all the trouble of using captchas to (seemingly) ensure authetic voting, yet conspicuously fail to require voters / award nominators to say precisely *why* they’re giving such an endorsement.

    In the *real world*, of course, it isn’t necessary at the ballot box to ever give a reason, otherwise a good proportion of the electorate wouldn’t have a clue what to say.

    In cyber space, however, there’s no reason at all why higher standards should not apply — because that way, we won’t wind up with the kind of halfwits who earn / wangle / finesse kudos through the conventional 18th Century ballot system. . .

    Bottom line: I actually couldn’t care less if wins or not. The dot tech community, and the individual responsible for it coming together, is a winner all the way.

  2. the _GASS


  3. Maddog

    Voted also for the BEST site going.Many thanks ashraf,great job with the site mate also voted for dottech for “Best Blog of All Time” and “Best Blog About Stuff” and “Best Blogging Host”.Someone nomiated your site for all of these awards so it was only right we vote for them all

  4. Mohammed Sarhan

    Voted, Ashraf
    Fortunately I still have my account from the past year
    Do you believe that I didn’t use my account except for dottech (politically motivated) 2008, 2009
    I appreciate your work, Ashraf
    Thanks alot

  5. WobblyWombat

    @Jaap – why not?!? :P

    @Ozzie “Hear hear!!” lets hope all those who
    benefited show up for a great cause, even if they don’t get a prize for it.

    Best of luck Ashraf, I have voted for you – this is a great site and, like so many others, I really appreciate your offerings :)

  6. Phoenix


    I used a Mailinator e-mail address for my registration.

    You should really post this request as a banner on your site or something. I just happened to have some extra time today, was checking out your home page and saw the article. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I’d just come on to read a review since the sidebar rarely catches my attention.

  7. Ozzie

    Greetings all! It would be nice if the hundreds of people who come out the woodwork when Ashraf is giving something away came out now and voted for him (like the more than 400 who put their hands up for Outpost Security licences and/or the more than 300 who clamoured for A2 licences) … come on folks, let’s give our boy some real support! As danl said, it’s payback time!

  8. Orchid

    It was my pleasure to vote for dotTech and Ashraf.

    Everyone here has benefited from reviews, offers, help, and just belonging to this great community. Now it’s time to show your support and appreciation for everything.

    Keep the voting going people!

    Good Luck and I hope to see you win!

  9. Someguy

    Even if you do not want to fill out the information and you like this site, just put fake info. dottech is great. I can trust it and I’m sure you all trust it. So vote. You owe dottech one.
    Btw. I voted. 90 votes!!!
    But we need to keep at it.

  10. wendell simmons

    The dotTech blog is one of the best geek / tech blogs around. It has saved me countless hours and from making mistakes with poorly rated software. Ashraf always gives great advice and I read his blog daily.
    I have voted for his blog as the best geek blog on the 2009 Blogger’s Choice Awards!

  11. alain gasnier

    hi Ashraf ,
    the less i should do is voting for you , and it’s done .
    to all dottechies :if you enjoy the articles , freebies , reviews and the personality of Ashraf :

  12. Mordaunt

    You have my support; only problem is that BCA simply refuse to accept my DOB and , as a consequence, will not register me! Perhaps they regard me as to OLD to be compmuter literate!! Note: I did follow their mmddyyyy convention rather than our ddmmyyyy which makes more sence to me!

  13. Jaap

    You have my vote.
    Still a long way to go, Ashraf: You are now on place 17, with 44 votes…
    For hesitating visitors: It is not necessary to give your real address etc. You only have to give an existent e-mail address on the site of Blogger’s Choice Awards.
    I invented an non-existant house address in my country and made myself a few years older.

  14. Biggles

    Happy to see you in the running for this, and also happy to vote…

    I’m very reluctant to give out personal information like that. However I’m quite prone to the odd “Typo”, which inexplicably tends to occur more frequently when sites ask for information they have no right to, or need for(imho). ;)

    Good luck, and thanks for your work, irrespective of the awards. :)

  15. Sandeep

    Don’t worry Ashraf my vote is with you. I will vote for Dottech and will request all the user to please do register and vote for dottech.

    Remember it is this website which is giving you all lot’s of free and honestly reviewed software’s so please make this happen for Ashraf.

    Thanks you all.