Computers from 1969 [Image]


Those are computers from 1969 that were damaged via civil unrest against racism at Sir George Williams University:

Arising from a conflict over student charges of racism, there were sit-ins, occupations, negotiations, hearings, culminating on February 11 in a fire that destroyed the Computer Center. There was $2 million damage to the Computer Center; 97 people were arrested (69 were SGW students), and 12 minors were charged in juvenile court.

Is it just me or do they look like fancy record players?

[via jeannaimard]

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  1. greg

    Those ARE hard drives. They look identical to the ones the Navy used in the Poseidon and Trident 1 fire control systems (ours were configured differently, being housed in a different cabinet). Even the rows of modules are the same, we called them “NAFI” modules.

  2. Madhamish

    They’re actually Platter Drives, they were interchangeable and came with a plastic cover which had a central locking/transport handle. From the look of the units I’d say maybe Sperry or DEC. Anybody got any ideas?