Angry girlfriend snaps smartphone in half, literally [Image]


“Guy brought this in today. When I asked what happened all he said was, ‘don’t piss off your girlfriend’.”

I’m fairly certain I couldn’t snap a smartphone in half even if I tried. I guess what they say is true: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

[via Purple3rkle]

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  1. JonE

    This is a perfect example of the point I was making in my other comment.

    What I’m betting is that the gf was trying to get his attention in some way and his attention was fully on the mobile device. Well, when women think something is more important that them – they launch. And don’t ever make the mistake of ignoring her if she’s taken all her clothes off in an attempt to get your attention.

    And then stupid guys say what’d I do, what’d I do.