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  1. CJ Cotter

    I thought about saying that, but I had one keyboard in which the keys were secured to the frame with pieces of plastic that looked very fragile. I was concerned that the keys would end up on the bottom of the dishwasher. As a result, using the dishwasher might not be a good idea for all keyboards, which is why I did not mention it.

  2. CJ Cotter

    If you carefully take apart your keyboard, all of the keys are attached to a plastic frame on which no electronics are attached. I then clean it in a sink full of water and Dawn dish soap, using an automotive parts cleaning brush. Very easy to do. Just be careful to not lose the little frame screws.

  3. smaragdus

    My monitor also needs some cleaning ;)
    I have bought cleaning spray and special cloths but since I still can see what’s on the screen I postpone the great cleaning day.
    By the way I spend some time cleaning the OS guts with different cleaners regularly but physical cleaning is different story ;)