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  1. RealBull

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    I think what Vamien means is that the original movie will be turned into a family like movie or candy coated. The same fate that Tim Burton’s Batman films faced when they got the friendly make-over in the following sequels. Therefore it is possible that it will be terrible. To me, it looks like another all-action, weak-story movie, but of course we will all have to see it before we make a solid opinion. I also agree that a non-R rated movie doesn’t mean that it will not be good.

  2. Seamus McSeamus


    I can think of plenty of great movies that didn’t carry an R rating. I’m not going to condemn this one just because there are going to be toy tie-ins. Star Wars is probably the biggest cash cow out there in terms of merchandising, and the original movies are among my favorites.