New RoboCop trailer [Video]

Still not convinced after watching this trailer. Reason being? Well, unlike the original RoboCop, this remake is not rated R. They are designing this thing to sell toys, no doubt about it.

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  1. RealBull

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    I think what Vamien means is that the original movie will be turned into a family like movie or candy coated. The same fate that Tim Burton’s Batman films faced when they got the friendly make-over in the following sequels. Therefore it is possible that it will be terrible. To me, it looks like another all-action, weak-story movie, but of course we will all have to see it before we make a solid opinion. I also agree that a non-R rated movie doesn’t mean that it will not be good.

  2. Seamus McSeamus


    I can think of plenty of great movies that didn’t carry an R rating. I’m not going to condemn this one just because there are going to be toy tie-ins. Star Wars is probably the biggest cash cow out there in terms of merchandising, and the original movies are among my favorites.