How to get free iTunes gift cards using FreeMyApps [Guide]

imagesFreeMyApps is a popular service that awards you credit points for every free sponsored application you download via FreeMyApps . Once you have sufficient amount of credits , you can use it to redeem from a wide range of rewards available such as iTunes gift cards, Amazon cards,Skype card, 3 month Xbox Live subscription etc .

There are many other apps that provide the same service such as AppCasher, AppBounty but FreeMyApps is my personal favorite app because once you download a sponsor app , you will be awarded the credit points instantly and you have the option to check whether you have been awarded credit points for the downloaded app . Another reason is that when you redeem a gift , you receive it immediately . Follow the short guide below on how to get started .

How to get free iTunes Gift Cards using FreeMyApps

Step 1 : Pick up your iPhone, iPod or iPad and visit this link ( via your iDevice .

Step 2 : Tap on “Get Started” or an application . You’ll be prompted to install a profile . Go on and press “Install”

Step 3 : Once done , go back to the site and select an app from the list


Step 4 : You’ll be redirected to the app store . Download the app and open it for at least 30 secs

Step 5 : After 30 seconds , go back to freemyapps to redeem your credit points . Once you have sufficient credit points , head to the “Gifts” section and redeem any gift you like


How to get FreeMyApps on Android Device

Step 1 : Visit Google Play Store and download “FreeMyApps

Step 2 : Open the app and press “Connect using Facebook

Step 3 : Once done , download any of the sponsored app and use it for at least 30 seconds

Step 4 : Return to FreeMyApps to redeem your credit points . Once you have sufficient credit points , head to the “Gifts” section and redeem any gift you like


FreeMyApps is one of the methods which you can use to get a free iTunes gift card . Compared to other apps , FreeMyApps is better since you will surely receive credit points for every sponsor application you download and once you redeem a gift , you will receive it immediately .

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