This is a story of boobs and tech support [Humor]

big breasts

Poor keyboard, must have been under a lot of pressure from those melons. This Vietnamese guy was probably having the time of his life. “Madam, your breast are….um, your breast…..[sigh] Madam, your breast are huge” *SLAP* Lesson learned.

[via Reddit]

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  1. CJ Cotter

    Many years ago, at a Checkers near where I work, they had hired a very obese woman to make sandwiches. Her girth was so large that she filled the entire narrow aisle in which she worked. No one could squeeze past her to get at any of the storage refrigerators on the other side of her. Her enormous breasts actually rubbed on top of the sandwich board. My boss and I stopped by there for lunch one day, and after watching her do her job, we mused that she could use her enormous breasts to slather the ketchup and mustard on the sandwiches!