dotTech Exclusive: 30 free licenses of novaPDF Professional!

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Similar to Backup4all, novaPDF should be a distinctly familiar name to dotTechies because I have written about novaPDF multiple times in the past. For those that don’t remember, or don’t know, what novaPDF is, I will give a short recap.

novaPDF is a commercial PDF printer which allows you to turn any file which you can print into a PDF. There are three editions of novaPDF – Lite, Standard, and Professional. Each edition has a “desktop” and “server” version. This chart compares the differences in features between the editions:


(If you would like to learn about novaPDF in detail, feel free to read my review on novaPDF Standard (v6.4).)

While last week we had 30 licenses of Backupall Professional to share with dotTechies, this week we have 30 licenses of novaPDF Professional (desktop version) to giveaway for free! Since novaPDF is another product by Softland, the same terms and conditions apply to these novaPDF Professional licenses as were applied to the 30 licenses of Backupall Professional. What I mean to say is whoever wins a license of novaPDF Professional “get the same rights as (regular) customers of Softland.” These “rights” include receiving all “minor updates” for free. A minor update consists of, for example, v7.0 -> v7.1 but not v7.0 -> v8.0. Once you hit the point where you can no longer attain free updates, you can still continue to use your novaPDF Professional copy for free indefinitely.

Here are the rules of this giveaway:

Version being given out: v7.0.327

Free updates: Minor updates only

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Win7

Download size: 7 MB

  • To win a license of novaPDF Professional, you must post a comment below stating that you want to enter the drawing. If you do not state specifically that you want to enter the drawing, you will not be entered.
  • You may only enter once and you may only win one license. Anyone caught trying to enter more than once or trying to win more than one license will be disqualified.
  • 10 licenses are reserved for dotTech donors, authors, forum admins, and artists. If you fall in this category, please specifically state it in your comment (say “I am donor”, “I am author”, etc.) or else I may not know; also if you are a donor, use the e-mail you donated with so I can verify. The other 20 can be won by anyone.
  • I reserve the right to award specific people licenses if I feel they have helped foster the dotTech family by being very active (the people who fall into this category is at my sole discretion).

When posting a comment, please make sure you enter an e-mail that is 100% valid and an e-mail you will check because the licenses will be distributed directly by my contact in Softland. If you win and don’t have a valid e-mail or an e-mail you don’t check, your license will go to waste. However, please don’t post your e-mail in your comment! You should never post your e-mail on a public form. Just enter the e-mail you want to be contacted at in the “E-mail” field when writing your comment – I will be able to get your e-mail from there. Or if you are a registered dotTechie, just post a comment normally and I will be able to find your e-mail.

By entering in this drawing, you give dotTech permission to give your e-mail to Softland – so they can contact you with your license information – if you win.

The winners of this giveaway will be determined using a random number generator when the giveaway ends (there will be a random number generation for the 10 reserved licenses, and there will be a random number generation for the other 20). The giveaway will end in 72 hours (on February 12, 2010).

Good luck to everyone!

Anyone that misses out on a free license can always purchase novaPDF from the homepage. The price ranges from $19.95 to $49.95 depending on what edition you want.

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  1. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Ashok: Sorry man but the drawing ended last week – I just have been tardy in announcing the winners – so I can’t accept your entry. I realize that you are a donor, so I could use that as an excuse to let you enter late, but that really wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

  2. Trev

    Please enter me in the drawing for NovaPDF. Thanks.
    I trust the website and Ashraf’s reviews. is one of the very few websites that I do recommend and promote with colleagues. I trust Ashraf’s reviews because they are accurate, provide insightful comments and always have a practical perspective. Keep up the great work.

  3. Bonnie


    Please register me in the drawing for novaPDF Professional. I’m in lots of community organisations where the features of novaPDF Professional would allow us to take our security and presentations to another level.

  4. Mark Latimer

    I would love to have this program as I work a lot with PDF files. I have to convert them back and forth to get them the way I want them.

    Thank you in advance for your service and support.

    Please keep up the great work that you are doing.

  5. leland

    novaPDF Pro is a nice PDF printer that can maintain links in documetns and web pages and the fact it uses it’s own PDF engine not based on Ghostscript like most others do. Other than that is has nothing over Bullzip PDF Printer which is always free though it does require Ghostscript. Please count me in for this as it does have some useful features. Thanks.

  6. jotter

    Great post, congrats on your giveaways ‘taking off’, too! If I didn’t already use *another* .pdf printer and .pdf software, I’d have to jump-on-it.

    I read/follow dottech via Blogger feed.
    Best Wishes for Success!

  7. Ban

    Please enter me in the drawing for a free novaPDF 7 Professional license.

    I have read how Ashraf has been extolling the qualities of this virtual printer all the way from version 4. Knowing how he digs deep to study and share his experience about software, I have come to trust his wisdom.

    Thank you.


    I would be so very grateful to win one copy of your software license. I have difficulty with accurate PDF printing from Firefox. I would be delighted to address this issue off-line if you would permit. Thank you!

  9. MikeR

    Well, everyone loves a freebie – albeit freebie-hunting for the sake of it is a bit, or even several bytes, daft: obsessive downloaders wind up with a computer full of trophies gathering electronic dust instead of a user-relevant collection of everyday working apps.

    But has never struck me as the haunt of the Iifiwees (If It’s Free I Want It) so the interest in this current offer is a good indicator of just how useful high quality .pdf software is to every computer user, everywhere.

    By nature of my work, I use .pdf software a lot. I’m familiar with Nova’s lesser versions and have been impressed with them. Be nice, however, to see Softland getting around to mirroring Avanquest’s ability where its premium product is concerned: Nova PDF PRO still lacks the .pdf to Word converter incorporated within eXPert PDF PRO.

    Where absolutely free .pdf software is concerned, I’ve still found nothing better than good ol’ Bullzip. It does, however, utilise Ghostscript. By contrast, Nova is self-contained, so neither Ghostscript nor .NET framework are called upon. That kind of independence may be of particular value to those with older computers.

    Anyway. Two quick comments:

    1) Sandeep’s post @ #29 and Ozzie’s @ #69: spot on. It takes almost no time at all to signal appreciation.

    2) It takes almost no cash at all, either, to give some financial support. A little from many goes a long way. If every poster on this comment thread chucked a few dollars in Ashraf’s direction, he’ll make $millions and I’ll be his agent the collective value of those small donations will definitely help with the under-writing of Ashraf’s overheads.

    As to this, um, “Prize Draw”, please count me in: I don’t have Nova PDF PRO.

    The category I occupy is one of Persistent Nuisance, as well as donor and one with fond remembrance of a fledgling blog called politically-motivated net.

    Hmm. Whatever happened to that?


  10. John Briick

    I would like to receive copy of Nova PDF Professional. I am currently unemployed and it would be a great help sending resumes and cover letters in the pdf format when requested.
    Thank you for the offer
    John Briick

  11. OutDesigns

    A sincere thanks for all the all hard work you do for us with this website. I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I appreciate your dedication. Please add me to your list for this drawing. Thank you!

  12. .mau.

    it’s funny that this thread has already three times the number of comments/contestants than the last one for a backup solution… this means something, I think.
    (I am in doubt whether entering or not the context :-) )

  13. o(o.o)o

    oh wow! And I was just about to try a freebie pdf writer from Softland (doPDF). Will have to put that on holf first and see if I could win a license for novaPDF pro so please count me in for the draw.

    Thanks :D

  14. Victor Healey


    Thanks for the time you take to provide dot tech.

    I often forward links to articles I find interesting to my friends.

    Please enter me in the draw for a free license of novaPDF Professional

    Vic Healey

  15. Miguelsito

    Ashraf, thanks for arranging yet another free license deal with a good developer. All of you efforts are very much appreciated!

    Please enter me in the draw for a free license of novaPDF Professional.

    Thanks for all of the time, expertise and ideas you bring to our community. Yours is the first site I check after my email everyday!


    ~ Miguel

  16. Ozzie

    Another great prize, Ashraf! But as I was lucky enough to be a winner in the Backup4All comp last week, I will sit this one out. But I would like to remind all the hundreds of people who will descend upon this page in the coming days that it would be nice if you could show your appreciation for Ashraf and his efforts and take a minute to vote for him for Best Geek Blog. It’ll take you as long as it takes to write a comment saying “me, me” here.

  17. Grantwhy

    Hi Ashraf

    I would like to enter this draw for a free license of novaPDF Professional.

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to say thanks for all your time and effort you put into (I’ve picked up some nice programs through your articles :-)

  18. Lee

    Hi Ashraf,

    I want to enter the drawing to win a license of novaPDF Professional. This would greatly benefit me at work where I work with pdf’s all day! I have heard a lot about this software and would love to try it! As an aside thanks for your diligent review/rating of programs on GOTD. Your opinion is one I always value in considering if I will download the programs given away!

  19. Jerry

    Greetings Ashraf,

    Please be so kind as to submit my name as a contestant wishing to enter the drawing to win a license of novaPDF Professional. I am a donor. Your commitment in producing a most valuable advisory is commendable. Thank you.


  20. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Everyone: Please, please if you fall in the special 10 category, SAY SO. With what is bound to be over 200 entries, it is near impossible for me to keep track of each individual person. So if you don’t say you qualify for one of the 10 special licenses, I may not know!

  21. Sandeep

    On an average every minute there is a request for the license.

    Hey guys why not you do the same at the time of voting this site for best geek award.

    Please do vote as well.

    Best of Luck to Everyone.

  22. Mobius

    To win a license of novaPDF Professional, you must post a comment below stating that you want to enter the drawing. If you do not state specifically that you want to enter the drawing, you will not be entered.

    My comment: I was to enter the drawing!

    Presumably, I am now entered into the drawing?