Google announces cheap Google Play Edition phone: $179, unlocked and no contract


Google has announced a Google Play Edition of the Moto G, Motorola’s recently well-received and affordable smartphone. The Google Play Edition of the Moto G will be selling for $179 (8GB) unlocked, which makes it the most affordable and accessible option on the Play Store — although it isn’t any cheaper than its non-Google Edition which also comes in at $179 (8GB).

Aside from being the same price, all the hardware of Google Play Edition Moto G and regular Moto G is the same. However, the software is different; regular Moto G software is maintained and updated by Motorola while Google Play Edition Moto G’s software is maintained and updated by Google themselves.

That said, because the Moto G didn’t really have much in the way of skins and extra software in the first place, the Google Edition shouldn’t be very different. But the fact that it comes directly from Google should ensure more timely updates, and the lack of bloat gives its otherwise unimpressive hardware a chance to shine. If you’re looking for a cheap way into the Android ecosystem, this is the way to go.

It is unclear if Google Play Edition Moto G will hit outside the United States or not.

Moto G on Google Play

[via Google]

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