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  1. vandamme

    [@CJ Cotter] There’s taking pictures so it looks just like what your eye saw, and then there’s art. Whether you paint it or HDR it and change the saturation, you’re making art which interprets and morphs nature. Not everybody likes the same kind of art, and that’s cool.

    adwheeler, I see you haven’t been to the Adirondacks so get going and bring plenty of memory cards. Start in Rome with the snowy owls and eagles at Delta dam.

  2. CJ Cotter

    Several years ago, I took photos of Beardsley Zoo while visiting Bridgeport CT. I posted them all on Webshots, a photo-sharing site that no longer exists (last I checked).

    A national website that caters to families and “safe” activities for the under-aged, asked me if they could use my photos to promote Beardsley Zoo as a travel-to destination place. Though I said yes, I didn’t get my nose out of joint because my name wasn’t on my pictures, or because credit wasn’t given to me.

    I was just happy to share the beauty that I saw.

  3. adwheeler

    [@CJ Cotter] Oh and FYI, you are wrong, I do own that park. And every other state park in NY as I have my business here and pay taxes. Semantics aside, the volunteer work that I do with my photos and promoting of the parks keeps people interested and visiting year round. To Taughannock and several dozen more that I frequent and post about. /trollslap off

  4. adwheeler

    [@CJ Cotter] Lol, my photo is not doctored. It’s long exposure. The orange light is tungsten light from within the cave and the green is moss in the natural sunlight. Go to my site, look up my galleries… or don’t. You obviously need to learn a lot about photography. Good luck.

  5. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    [@adwheeler] [@CJ Cotter] I agree with adwheeler on this one. He may not own the park itself but the photo is his work and if his terms state a link back, then we need to provide a link back. Vamien didn’t know — he got the image from Bing — but once told, he did the right thing and added the link.

  6. CJ Cotter

    [@adwheeler] You don’t own the park so you shouldn’t “own” the picture. As the park is public property, so also should your picture be. At the very least, half of what money the picture brings in should go to the state of New York.

  7. adwheeler

    [@CJ Cotter] The reason I take the photos in the first place is to entice people to visit for themselves. Just a friendly post, no reason to get snarky. My photos are my living…I am sure Vamien would rather hear from me rather than a copyright lawyer..