How to save a tree [Amazing Photo of the Day]

save the tree

So this looks like a plan to save the tree. Clever stuff, though it is not certain what effects it would have on the house. If it were I though, this tree would have been a goner. I’d then use its remains to build a treehouse.

[via Amazing Pictures]

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  1. one

    I think this is quite Zen. It is in some way an embrace of nature into your live and also into your …house.
    @Justa Comment: People are able to find solutions even for what you have mention … not all are plain idiots. Hope this helps.

  2. Justa Comment

    Consider the shade the tree is providing. And it provides the shade better than one on the side of the house. Consider lightning. No matter where the tree falls, the house is gonna get it. Consider the affect on the price of the house. It is unique. Consider the leaves falling. Ugh. Gotta go on the roof to rake the leaves. Is that a chimney to the left of the door? Consider the smoke choking the tree? All in all I am seeing more negatives than positives. And cleanup after the tree falls sounds like huge headache. I wonder if their insurance company knows about the tree?.