Be obnoxious by typing upside down and backwards with

Can’t read what the above sentence says? No, you don’t need glasses. The reason why you (probably) can’t read or understand the first line of this article is because it has been typed upside down and backwards. (It says “ – Reviews, advice, tips, tricks, and freebies related to the digital world!). is a website that allows users to input text and the website then outputs the same text but upside down and backwards:

Once the text appears upside down and backwards in the “Inverted Text” box, you simply need to copy + paste it wherever you intend on showing the text. Do take note that for upside down and backwards text to show properly, Unicode has to be enabled. However, most applications and websites nowadays support Unicode so you can paste the inverted text practically anywhere.

[via Cogizio]

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  1. Venkat Koduru

    Hi Ashraf!
    Thanks for your post about Upside Down (and backwards) text :)  I’m the creator of a website called Upside Down Text.  Like the typeupsidedown website you listed, we flip text upside down. But unlike any of the other website we also offer a slew of other features, like an upside down pyramid (the links at the bottom of the homepage), and direct integration with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We’re constantly trying to improve, so if you could check out site out and offer your suggestions, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks again and happy blogging,
    Venkat Koduru (

  2. MikeR




    I entirely agree with the observation that this blog is going downhill fast and have said so (above), written upside down, back to front, in capital letters and — the really clever part — totally invisibly.

    Of course, some may say I’m guilty of the very conduct which has today led to the demise of and Ashraf’s shame-faced escape to a new life in Alaska.

    Well, to all those critics I say:




    PS: sorry, my new invisible writing system hasn’t quite figured out how to render ! and ?

    Delphi, I despair.

  3. Rocky

    Ashraf stated a couple of days ago that he was gaining a sense of humor. See: “ Ashraf’s new project aimed at providing lighthearted humor.” So I see nothing wrong with this post.
    Anyway, I have already been using the upside down typing.

  4. AlanR

    Great for dislexics. :) No problem at all reading the upside down text (at near normal pace for me), because that is all it is – it is NOT also backwards. THAT would have to be written as example from mite (etim) above and then turned upside down.
    A little more tricky to read, but can still be done – writing it, though, is an entirely different matter. Can the web-service do that?
    Reminds me of old school tricks using mirrors – much more fun and eco-friendly. Throw a party and have a giggle.

  5. Harris

    i think this would be perfect for any correspondence one would have with politicians. i suspect most of them are already using this, in fact, they can even speak upside down and backwards…