How to make Start Menu and taskbar icons smaller in Windows 7 and Vista [Guide]

Are you looking for a way to resize the Windows Vista/7 Start Menus or taskbar? If so you should change the size of their icons which by default are larger alternatives. The options for smaller icons are not visible from the desktop, but this is where you can find them.

Windows 7

Those with Windows 7 should right-click the Start Menu, and select Properties to open the Taskbar and Start Menu properties window. Then you should select the Taskbar tab, and click on the Use small icons check-box. Click Apply, OK and the Start Menu should then have smaller icons on it.

Windows Vista

If you have Windows Vista right-click the Start Menu, and select Properties to open the same window. There you should select the Start Menu tab, and click the Customize option to the right of the Start Menu check-box. That should then open the window in the shot below.

icons 3

From there you should scroll down to the bottom of the options. Then click on the Use large icons check-box to remove the tick, and click OK. Click Apply and OK to close the Taskbar and Start Menu properties window. Then your Start Menu should include smaller icons on it as below.


To really shrink your Start Menu down to size, select the Classic Start Menu option from the Start Menu tab. Then click on the Customize option, scroll down and select the Show small icons in Start Menu option. Click OK > Apply > OK to close the windows, and your Vista Start Menu should match the one below.


By switching to smaller icons, you can add more of them to the Start Menu without expanding its size. As such, more recent programs can then be fitted on the Windows Vista/7 Start Menu.

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