Free 1 year of Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows!

Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows is an security software. These are the features as per the developer:

I have never used Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows, so I don’t know how good or bad it is. However, for those that want it you can get 1 year of Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows for free! Note that this is not the Pro version, so it will not include the firewall.

To get Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows for free, follow these simple steps:

Version being given out for free: v6.0

Supported OS: Windows 95 and higher

  • Visit the promotion page, scroll down to the middle of the page and fill out the registration form:

(NOTE: QQ is any random string of numbers.)

For those that don’t understand Chinese, here is a rouge translation:

(NOTE: QQ is any random string of numbers.)

  • Visit this page and fill out the the survey:

For those that don’t understand Chinese, here is a rough translation:

  • After you have filled out the survey, you will be given a license key for 1 year of Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows:

  • Download (32-bit | 64-bit) and install Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows. Use the provided license key to register the software during installation (“Receive key file during installation” -> “Obtain a license key file” -> Enter Key -> Finish Installing).
  • After installation right-click on Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows’ system tray icon, select “Updater”, go to “Settings”, and select “Update virus databases only” for the “Update Mode”, and click “OK”. If you do not do this, Dr. Web Anti-virus for Windows will revert back to v5.0 instead of staying the latest v6.0.
  • Enjoy!


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  1. Horst

    Anyone who has problems try Opera when filling out the form and submitting. First i had trouble too, but with Opera it worked on the second try. They also don´t seem to accept every kind of combination of the answers.

  2. Dolphy

    - Even though I selected “Update virus databases only” for the “Update Mode”, as recommended by Ashraf  AFTER restating my PC, the software version changed to 5; maybe this has to be done before restarting the system )but on the splash screen shows version 6.
    anybody with the same problems?
    thanks a lot Ashraf for this great site
    excuse my poor English LOL:)

  3. blue

    Not sure what the chinese is saying but it DOESN’T (apparently) say what you say it does.
    For those who haven’t wasted their time on this, here’s a tip: Don’t. It won’t end well for you

  4. Joji

    Step 1. Make account
    Step 2. Go to promotional page and fill in the survey (doesn’t have to be accurate, random)
    Step 3. Profit. :D

    Does that help? If not, I’ll do it for you and other who want the product key, I’ll do it for you guys. :P

  5. OldElmerFudd

    @unicorn02: It’s not easy to find other tests of Dr. Web. I usually look to AV-Comparatives.
    Virus Bulletin is another good source of AV info. This page shows the latest tests in a graphic;
    Apparently, Dr. Web has been around for a while. Developed in Russia in the early 90’s, there’s even a Firefox addon for it. I run Eset NOD on my machines, so I really don’t know much about it.

  6. leland

    I have used Dr. Web in the past and it was a pretty good program.  I always turn to Dr. Web CureIt! ( for a secondary scanner when I have a need since it is freeware for home users.  The only thing to remember with CureIt is that it comes complete with all definitions so you need to download a new version each time you use it; unlike the desktop version being offered here.  They also provide a free live Cd for already infected systems.  Overall if you are in the market for a new security program I would say it is worth your time to check it out.

  7. Fred

    I fill out the form click the button and some type of message pops up.
    What does this mean? ???? 1 ????
    Nothing else happens. No email, no serial number. :-(
    Hm, the comment editor doesn´t speek chinese. Those question marks used to be chinese symbols.

  8. Joji

    Hey Ashraf, so I have the product key and I don’t want to use it yet. Would I still be able to activate it like say 2-3 years later and still get 1 year of protection from it?