dotTech Exclusive: Free Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox! (Promotion open for 24 hours only so hurry!)

Update: This promotion has now ended.

Second in the list of promised free software is Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox. Hence, today dotTech is teaming up with Eltima Software to bring everyone Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox ($55.95 value) for free!

For those that don’t know, Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox is a software that specializes in converting Flash files (.SWF, .FLV, and .EXE) to other formats. Here is the full features list as per the developer:

Now some of you may be thinking “but I already have a video converter, so why do I need this?” Well, the answer to that is simple: most video converters you have will do FLV -> other format conversions, but most video converters do not allow you to do SWF -> other format or EXE -> other format conversions. Conversion of SWF/EXE Flash files is a bit tricky and different than conversion of other video formats, so most video converters don’t bother to add in that capability; hence the need for a specialized converter.

That said, dotTechies have the chance to get Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox for free! This promotion is open for 24 hours – from 00:00 May 14, 2010 to 24:00 May 14,2010 – and you must install and register the software within these 24 hours because you will not be able to take advantage of this freebie at a later date (even if you keep the installation file).

To get Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox for free, follow these simple steps:

Version being given out for free: v4.0.0.440

Free updates: Yes

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: 10.9 MB

  • [REMOVED – The promo is over.] and install Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox.

Note: This promotion is available to everyone – everyone may get it for free. However, this is a promotion. Please do not upload the installer file to any other website, server, file hosting services, etc. and please do not directly link to the download. If you want to spread information about this offer, you may link to this article by providing a permalink (alternative link) to your audience.

  • During installation, you will be prompted to grab your activation code and register the software. You need to enter your name and e-mail address so you can receive the activation code:

Check the inbox of the e-mail address you entered. There will be an e-mail from “Eltima Software (” with the subject of “Free SWF & FLV Toolbox license?”. In the e-mail you will find your activation code:

Copy the activation code and paste it in the activation code box located at the program installer window:

Update: Please note that you must grab the activation code and register/install the software at one time. If you grab the activation code, cancel installation, and go back to install the software with the activation code you got earlier, you will receive an “ERROR: cannot proceed without activation!” message. If this happens to you, enter your name and e-mail address again (you may use the same e-mail address) and grab another activation code; use that new activation code to register/install SWF & FLV Toolbox.

  • Finish installing.
  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox for free, post below and I will try to help.

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  1. moe-chan

    I almost miss this Giveaway.
    I downloaded on The First Day but the speed was horribly low so I canceled it for tomorrow.  However, I forgot to do it and by the time I remember the promo was announced to be over.

    I continued to download, halfheartedly. And guess what? It still worked. The free license key was sent to my e-mail. I succeeded to activate with that key. But perhaps it was just few hours coincidence before Eltima really shut the door.

  2. rezidue


    Just a quick WARNING.
    Once you’ve installed this DO NOT go to Options ->Change License Type.
    If you do and accidentally hit the hit OK button, you will lose you’re registration (it will revert to demo mode).
    Regards, Damian

  3. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ EVERYONE, who participated in our promo –
    Thank you, guys, for your interest in our software! We highly appreciate your attention and feedback. We are always happy to hear back from you and would be more than interested in your comments, suggestions (even complaints:)  as your feedback helps us imroving our software. Please, contact me if you have any ideas concerning SWF & FLV Toolbox!
    Those, who had any problems while installation & registration – send email at and describe your problem (do not forget to provide your nickname if you commented here) and we will assist (you will receive replies on Monday).
    And do not forget to visit our website and get acquainted with all software profucts by Eltima.
    Interested in Mac software? Welcome to our Mac area
    Was nice to talk to you!:)

  4. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ Karl –
    Please, send email with detailed description of your problem at, we will investigate this problem and give you reply on Monday.
    @ Charlie –
    Is everything o’k now? Did you install SWF & FLV Toolbox without any problems after ISP’s Spam System disabling?
    @ AF70 –
    Do not worry, I will send you email with registration info on Monday, once I’m back in office. Did you specify you are AF70 in your email? (in order we were sure that replied to all commentators here).

  5. Tortuga

    May I ask, what’s the point of your comment?
    In what way is Ashraf “weird
    And what does the Muslim part has to do w anything?
    People in this community are from all over the world, and we come in all shape-sizes-religions-languages …

    Or maybe in this age of selfishness it’s his generous behaviour that surprises you?!!

    This type of disparaging comments have no place here & are not welcomed!
    A simple thank you would have sufficed. But if you have nothing to say, say nothing!

    P.S.: Hi Tejas, nice to see you again. Thank you for speaking up! :)

  6. Tortuga

    Dear Ash :D
    Hey there ~Kiddo~ ;)
    So nice to see the site growing in content and substance. Bravo!

    Sorry for the long absence, been busy w life & stuff.
    I see you’ve been busy, trying to find some great promos for the community!
    Been trying to keep up, but it’s kind of difficult.

    I «THANK YOU» for all your efforts, and very much appreciate your  reviews & advice. And as always, your funny side too ;D

    Talk more soon I hope!
    @Alex Taylor: Download & installed without problems. Thank you for this promotion.

  7. AF70

    I give up. Still receiving error message ‘Cannot connect to server…’. Sent my name and email address to but have received nothing. Have disabled all spam filters at my ISP. Guess I’m not suppose to have this one.
    Thanks for offering this program. Wish I could give it a whirl.

  8. Charlie

    I’ve tried 3 times to request the key over the last hour and still have not received any email in response to my “Get your free activation code” button click.  Should I cancel the install and start over?  I see someone has altered this page ( and removed the 1st download link, leaving only the 2nd link (I also could not get the 1st link to download anything, it was always 0 bytes.)

  9. Karl

    @Alex – I guess this toolbox isn’t meant for me.  I tried uninstalling, downloading with a different browser, disabling AV (ThreatFire and Avast) and installing as administrator, requesting another key (sends the same as this morning with the same name/email entered) and I still get the same error (Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author).  I’m running Win7 x64.  Should I use a unique name/email combo for a fresh key??  If you can help great .. if not .. oh well .. thanks anyways and I hope those who could install enjoy it.  Thanks always to Ashraf for such a great site.

  10. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ DK –
    1. Contact our Support team at in order to get detailed information.
    2. Yes, you are getting full version and as I said before, become our registered users and can update for free (within one version) and get 50% discount for upgrade.
    @ gordon5y –
    I’ve tried to download  build right now and everything worked fine.  Please, try to download it again, there could be any problems with Internet connection at your side. BTW, we highly recommend you to use download manager application in order to ensure this special build of SWF & FLV Toolbox is downloaded successfully. Using your browser for downloading purposes is not always the best way: a connection failure or interruption may cause problems while installing the build (that’s why some of you cannot activate it).
    If no success, please, send me e-mail at and describe your problem, do not forget to let me know your nick and comment#, we will try to help you as promo is still valid.

  11. DK

    Great offer, thanks.
    A couple of quick questions:
    1. Regarding “@ David Roper –
    :) No, you can use this license on one PC only.” (comment #34).
    What if a HDD format is needed? Can it be reinstalled again, using this or the regular setup file and the reg code given here?
    2. Do we get the full version?

    Thanks again.

  12. haakon

    I “love” you guys!!!
    There IS another program that do most or all of what Eltima does..OR more: Its named “Super”
    It IS fully freeware and no nags at all!
    It IS advaced and will do almost anything… but with a bit too many settings to do for the “novice” user.
    Worse… the site is a mess…to find the download link IS not easy  :-(
    I THINK Super has been mentioned here earlier…just wanted to tell for new “users” of

  13. John Williams

    Ashraf and Alex Taylor, thanks for your generosity.
    I’ve been through similar problems in the past so I grabbed some sleep, confident it would be sorted out over time.
    I installed the program just now and look forward to using it soon.
    Thankyou again for all your hard work.
    John Williams

  14. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ everyone, who received emails without registration codes –

    Please, start the installation and request your registration codes once again, there were some problems, but now they are fixed and you will receive emails with codes.

  15. :)

    Thanks fk – tried it again (for the third time) and at last i got an activation code.  I entered my name as first initial and last name.

    Oh and i jumped around in a banana costume whilst singing “It’s a long way to Tipperary” – i think that’s what finally made the magic happen :P

  16. Ryan

    Hi Ashraf and Eltima Software,
    Thanks a million for the free software.
    @Alex Taylor (Eltima Software),
    I received the email but there is no activation code in it. I have sent you an email asking for the activation code. Please send me and thanks for the software.

  17. f k

    The blank code happened to me at first- twice.  Then I changed from just my initials “fk” to a first letter and last name-  this time I received a visible code.

    Or maybe, the third time is the charm!

  18. :(

    Sent for the activation code – email arrived back immediatly but no activation code in the email.  It just says “Your activation code: ” and then nothing.  Tried it again and same.
    The promotion can’t be over as it is still 14th May.

  19. MikeR

    PS: I meant to edit the above post with additional text but for some weird reason,’s ‘click to edit’ function has gone bonkers on my computer, just a weird narrow box with a large X on it and no hope of editing anything.

    I was only posting to say it may be best for those who’re not getting the activation code from Eltima to reply to their ‘blank’ email by clicking on the customer support link and asking for it.

     I’ve just done so and hopefully, something will pop through while I’m having dinner (it’s evening here in the UK.)

  20. MikeR

    @gpc111:  Same here.

    Obviously a glitch somewhere, but it doesn’t encourage.

    I’m stuck in the middle of an install when I should be doing something else, and so far have received four separate emails reading:

    Hello, and thanks for your interest in SWF & FLV Toolbox!

    Your free license type: Personal
    Received via: DotTech.Org
    Compatibility: Windows version

    Your activation code:

    Please,  enter this code when asked during the installation of SWF & FLV Toolbox. This  will  convert the demo version into the full registered one and remove  all demo limitations. It`s better to copy/paste this activation code rather than entering it manually.

    As can be seen, there’s no entry alongside “Your activation code” so there’s nothing to copy and paste.

    A shame, but in view of the time-limited duration I guess I’m going to have to give up on this offer, I can’t afford to spend any more time on the software installation.

  21. David Roper

    @Alex Taylor (Eltima Software):
    Alex, I understand,  I wrote
    Then first machine  installation is cancelled for use.
    It would be like having only one heart.  I decide where to put the heart. And only one heart is good.  Somehow when installed on the second “body” it’s not available for further use on ANY machine and the original machine would not work anymore (ie where you took the heart from).   Sounds grizzly, sorry.

    Wouldn’t that satisfy “for use on One PC only”?
    Anyway, thanks.  I was just thinking outloud.

  22. gpc111

    I have sent my email address 3 times. All 3 times I have received a reply with no activation code. The field is totally blank. How can I register the software with no activation code? I can see that happening once or twice.. but 3 times? See the comment above mine. Same thing

  23. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ David Roper –
    :) No, you can use this license on one PC only.
    @ George –
    Thanks for your interest in our software!
    @ everyone –
    All of you, who installed and activated SWF & FLV Toolbox during this promo, can update for free (within one version). Moreover, Eltima offers 50% upgrade discount!

  24. David Roper

    I just wish these one day offers would allow future PC upgrades.  For instance have a button to produce a key “heart” file (“wired” to original HD and CPU ID specs) and then allow it to be used again to install again just once using it on new machine.  Then first machine  installation is cancelled for use.
    In my mind this is clear and easy to do.  Explaining it is hard to do here.   Sharing an installation would not be possible, thus wholesale sharing on rogue Website would be useless.
    Anywayyyyy.  Thanks for reading.

  25. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ George –

    “Now I have a missing pthreadGC2.dll”

    :) Yes, you need to download and install it. (Check commment #10 – njwood60 listed solution in his comment)
    @ Ana –
    Please, uninstall build, download it once again and install.
    @ everyone –
    We highly recommend you use download manager application in order to ensure this special build of SWF & FLV Toolbox is downloaded successfully. Using your browser for downloading purposes is not always the best way: a connection failure or interruption may cause problems while installing the build (that’s why some of you cannot activate it).

  26. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ George Gross –
    I’ve sent detailed inctructions at your email. You will receive them from, as email I’ve sent from was not delivered (blocked by – probably,  this is the reason why you didn’t receive email with reg details – your SPAM filter blocked it.

    Enjoy using SWF & FLV Toolbox! ;)

  27. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @ William –
    You can view changelog here
    Or find all improvements below:
    # Much enhanced performance for each conversion type
    # Substantially enhanced interface: more comprehensive and user-friendly
    # Added: possibility to crop and resize images and videos in order to perform conversion of specific areas only or to receive output of different scale
    # Added: interactive type of conversion of SWF/EXE files into images
    # Added: when converting FLV to SWF, possibility to recode FLV if the codec it uses is not supported by SWF specifications
    # Added: audio codec can be chosen for the resulting file when converting SWF/FLV/EXE files to video
    # Added: conversion of FLV files with AVC/H.264 video codec
    # Added: possibility of automatic computer shutdown once the conversion is over
    # Added: possibility to resize the output when converting FLV to SWF with movie controls

  28. Alex Taylor (Eltima Software)

    @  AF70 –
    Please, send me your e-mail address and name (those, you’ve entered while registration) at and I will check if you are already in our database and will send you registration details.

    @ john barrentine –
    Yes, you need to install pthreadGC2.dll on your PC – just Google it and downlod from the website you trust.

    @ everyone –
    Thanks for your interest in our software! Any ideas or suggestions, please, feel free to send them at, our team will be happy to know your opinion!:)

  29. garyg

    Tried installing, entered name and email address, clicked on get your free activation code, but  I never get an email with activation code.  Have started over and tried this 3 times and nothing. Any ideas? I am getting other emails and double checked to make sure I entered it correct.

  30. Karl

    I tried downloading and setting up twice using different email and different download links and I get:
    “Error while unpacking program, code LP5. Please report to author.”
    It goes through the setup but when the program goes to launch it displays the above message.  what am I doing wrong?

  31. Kali

    First time put error in email. Amended email. Got code, input code and program came up but in the about it said demo. So uninstalled, downloaded again and put right email. Input code and all activated correctly the about says reg to DOT TECH. Thanks for program.

  32. Alex Taylor

    Hi everyone, I’m Alex from Eltima Software and I’m here to answer all your questions:)

    @  AF70 –
    Please, send me your e-mail address and name (those, you’ve entered while registration) at and I will check if you are already in our database and will send you registration details.
    @ john barrentine –
    Yes, you need to install pthreadGC2.dll on your PC – just Google it and downlod from the website you trust.
    @ everyone –
    Thanks for your interest in our software! Any ideas or suggestions, please, feel free to send them at, our team will be happy to know your opinion!:)

  33. AF70

    Have tried several attempts at install but upon clicking on ‘Get you free activation code’ I receive an error message – ‘ERROR – could not connect to our server to get your free activation code’. I am told to check my internet connection etc. I have disabled my firewall and antivirus and still get the error message. Any suggestions?

  34. john barrentine

    just tried to download twice and both times got message : The program can’t start because pthreadGC2.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fiw this nproblem. Well I got the same message after the second try. I une installed first program before starting second download. NEED HELP PLEASE Thanls Jack B.

  35. njwood60

    got an error when I ran it that said pthreadGC2.dll was missing
    it seems this file needs to be in windows/system32 (for XP) and it’s not there on my system. Not sure if the software was supposed to install it
    After a bit of a search I found a place to download pthreadGC2.dll from (that I trusted!) and put it in the windows/system32 directory
    Now runs OK – no errors.
    For ref, I got the file from:
    the file called: (you may need a different one for 64 bit system)
    In that zip file, the file I used was:\pthreads-20100513\mingw32\\bin\pthreadGC2-w32.dll
    Then renamed it to pthreadGC2.dll after I extracted it.

  36. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @ha14 and @genieautravail: Okay I just encountered the same error. Did you guys grab the registration code, cancel installation, then went back to reinstall with the activation code you got earlier? You cannot do this. If you grab an activation code, you must finish installing and registering it. If you cancel installation/registration, you need to grab the activation code again.

  37. genieautravail

    Same thing: cannot proceed without registration!

    Correction : it works if you click before on the “Get your free activation code” button.
    Do not resart the setup and enter directly the activation code (click before on the button).