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Free 6 months license of Emisoft Anti-Malware!

Posted By Ashraf On May 19, 2010 @ 6:29 PM In Freebies | 32 Comments

Emisoft Anti-Malware, previously known as a-squared Anti-Malware, is a complete anti-malware solution that provides users with protection against various different types of scumware:


(Click on image to full features list in full size.)

Based on personal experience, Emisoft Anti-Malware has fairly good detection ratings but it has lots of false positives and it does not play well with other security software (i.e. make sure to not run Emisoft Anti-Malware’s live protection if you are running live protection from other security software [2]).

For a limited time – until June 1, 2010 – users can get a free 6 months license of Emisoft Anti-Malware! The promotion is being run by an Italian website Ilsoftware.it [3] but you need not be Italian or live in Italy to take advantage of the offer – you just need to register at Ilsoftware.it.

So, to get a free 6 months license of Emisoft Anti-Malware, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v5.o

Free updates: Yes, for 6 months

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: About 94 MB

Special note: You must activate the software by June 1, 2010 or else you will be SOL (short on luck).




  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. There should be an e-mail from “info@ilsoftware.it” with the subject of “Welcome to “IlSoftware.it”. In the e-mail there will be an activation link you have to visit:


Click on the activation link or copy + paste it in your web browser.

  • After you have activated your account, login [9]:


  • After you have logged in, visit the promotion page [11] and scroll to the bottom – you will find the activation code for Emisoft Anti-Malware that you must use to get the free 6 months license:


Since I don’t have an active Emisoft Anti-Malware subscription, I don’t know if you can use this code to extend your current license of Emisoft Anti-Malware if you have one. You can always, however, create a new account with Emisoft using this code to get the 6 months free.

  • Visit Emisoft registration page [13] and register an account if you don’t have an account with Emisoft already (if you have an account skip down to the “download” part):


  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. There will be an e-mail from “Emsisoft (automail@www.emsisoft.com)” with the subject of “Your user account information – Requires verification?”. In the e-mail there will be an activation link you have to follow:


Click on the activation link or copy + paste it in your web browser.

  • Download [16] and install Emisoft Anti-Malware.
  • After installation run Emisoft Anti-Malware and click on “I have a full license”:


  • Login with your Emisoft account:


  • Use the activation code you received from IlSoftware.it to get the free 6 months full version license:





  • Finish setting up Emisoft Anti-Malware.
  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting the 6 months free license for Emisoft Anti-Malware, post below and I will try to help.

Thanks chn_suiss [23]!

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