Free Ashampoo Snap v3!

With Ashampoo Snap, you can record your screen–useful for doing tutorials–and annotate screenshots.  Now you can get it for free!

Says Ashampoo:

To read more, see the product page.
Impressive, isn’t it?  To get it, just go to this promotion page:
Now enter a valid (read: Mailinator-like site) email address and click send.  They’ll send an email (dozens over the course of the year, actually) to the account.  Open the link, and just accept all the default options.
There will be a message on the top that tells you your key has been sent, so go back to the mail account. Now you have your key!  Just download and install the software (from here) and enter the key.

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  1. Joji

    I tried Ashampoo Snap 3 before. It’s not that good. When recording videos, the quality isn’t that good. But I believe you can set the frame rate. Not completely sure, try it if other recorders like hypercam isn’t working for you. :)

  2. yangzl

    Hi, guys. May I have more explanation about  this freebie—-the ashampoo Snap V3? I have got already several “free registration keys” from Ashampoo, but allof them are only trial registration keys for 30 more days of its  usage.  Does that mean a  freebie in real sense? PLease take that  for serious?I want to read another comment for my comment! either from Locutus or from Ashampoo himself ! 

  3. Old Elmer Fudd

    First assessment – seems to work well enough for captures. the graphics editing is similar to Snagit, afaict. I didn’t play around with the video capture and editing that much because I don’t normally use that sort of feature. With more time, I may find uses for it. Some of the editing functions feel a little clunky, but I suspect they’re addressing that in Snap 4, due for release at the end of June. I may buy the upgrade if it’s available for this free release.
    Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3, Intel T6400 laptop, 3Gb RAM and Windows 7 Intel E8500 6Gb RAM desktop.

  4. m.s.

    I’ve been using this software since it came out. i’ve tried jing and other screen recorders or screen captures and this does the job just fine. But now i’ll be moving up to the new version Snap 4 that’s coming out on June 30, Hopefully it’s better.
    @Adrian, when capturing your desktop (like a movie) it can be quite intensive on the processor. I have a 2.4 and find that it lags a bit.

  5. OldElmerFudd

    Locutus – I’ve been using ABBYY Screenshot Reader for a while and was thinking about Snagit 9 for an alternative. I use Ashampoo’s burning software, but never thought about their screen recording programs. I’ll give this a run through on a Windows box and post back by tomorrow.

  6. Jason

    Are there simple instructions for using this product.  I find that Ashampoo products are increasingly getting more complex without clear instructions on how to use them.

    If you are able to help, please publish the instructions on your website.  Thanks


  7. Locutus

    @MerleOne: Hi Merle!  Unfortunately I’m on a Linux-based PC right now, so I have no way to try this.  However, there is a large list of things I have to do on a Windows-based computer, so I’ll add this to the list–I’m free tomorrow.

  8. MerleOne

    Nice find !

    I have 2 questions about the software itself  :
    1/ is it possible to avoid the re-installation of WM runtime at install ?
    2/ Does the captured video includes sound ?  All trials I made are without sound.