Free 1 year license of Advanced SystemCare Pro!

As I am sure most of you know already, Advanced SystemCare Pro is a popular system optimization/management/cleaning/etc. tool from IObit. While IObit may have some questionable tactics for their Internet Security 360 software, Advanced SystemCare Pro itself is fairly good software, although somewhat a RAM hog sitting in the background all the time (last time I checked it uses ~40 MB RAM while idle in the background but I haven’t used Advanced SystemCare Pro for a long time, so this number may no longer be accurate). Of course IObit has run multiple Advanced SystemCare Pro promotions in the past year, so you may already have a free 1 year license. However, it doesn’t hurt to renew your license or to grab it now if you don’t have it yet. To get the free 1 year licenses of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v3.6.1 Pro

Free updates: Yes, for one year

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 7.5 MB

  • Check the e-mail address you registered with. There should be an e-mail from “” with the subject of “PC Authority Downloads – New Account”. In the e-mail there will be a confirmation link you need to click on to confirm your account:

  • Visit the registration page and enter your account information and hit “Submit”:

You will then be provided with registration details for 1 year free Advanced SystemCare Pro:

  • Install the program.
  • After installation has finished run Advanced SystemCare, and register it so it goes from Free version to Pro:





There will be a short four step wizard to follow after you click “OK” to setup the new features you unlocked by “upgrading” to Pro.

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Advanced SystemCare Pro for free, post below and I will try to help.

Thanks phoenix_rising!

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  1. mark rothermel

    I just became a member of this site to download the free 1 year subscription to iobit and when I go to the download page it says this {{ Registration for the free IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro has now expired. See promotional information below for a unique offer }}. what gives? This is not once but now twice I have tried to do their give away in the last year to only get it is over…. Grrrr. I have been a paid member of Pc pitstop since 1999 and Love them but wanted to try iobit to see if it is really better. I guess I will just stick with PC PITSTOP…..

  2. Sub

    I’ve just installed.  Thanks again, Ashraf for your original post, and Terrence for the v3 link. I did turn off my modem just in case.  I also unchecked the offer of the free toolbar, as I’m wary about extras.  Not sure if the toolbar was just included in V3s download.

    Did anyone install the toolbar?

  3. Sub

    I’ve just got it from the v3 store.  Thanks for the original post, plus the v3 link. It doesn’t say anything about 1 year limit for updates, so not sure whether to disconnect my internet connection before installing.

  4. gpc111

    just to follow up on my comment # 21 I read about and followed the tip of comment # 21 John. The result is my Advanced System Care is the pro version with an expiration date of N/A. Doing this will not allow for auto updates but you can always update manually. After reading comment # 7 Frank that might not be such a bad thing. I’m going to keep the install file and registration info. Maybe I can reinstall it later if I have to. Take care

  5. Tortuga

    Dear Ash :*)
    Just wanted to say THANKS.
    Much appreciate the time & energy you put into finding all these promos.
    Plus all the details & the step-by-step guides you provide.
    No matter what some naysayers proclame on GOTD, we all learn a lot from you, and you keep us from making mistakes or installing crapware.
    You just can «not» imagine how much 99.9% of us appreciate your work.
    Just hope the constant barrage of those 2 or 3 malcontents doesn’t discourage you! Cause it REALLY shouldn’t!
    Peace :D

  6. gpc111

    thank you all for the tip on the user name. I completely overlooked that and only copied the license code. It’s a good think I haven’t installed it yet.
    Also thanks to John. I never seen your tip but I’m going to try it after I finish a download. Have a nice weekend everyone

  7. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Everyone having problems: The “Account name” is given to you long with the license code at the promotion page after you enter your login information. Please use that account name.

  8. karen

    If you already have it and are extending your license, you need to do the following:
    1) open program
    2) go to Overview tab
    3) under User Account heading, click link “Professional”
    4) In the resulting popup, click “Install New License” and enter the Account Name and License code from this giveaway.
    5) It should now update to show your expiration date of 1 year from now.

  9. Mike

    Do note, after you install ASC, that if your system is slowing down, it may be due to ASC updating itself and its various definitions (if you have auto-updating turned on, as is recommended).  When that happens, I simply stop the process under Windows Task Manager and all is back to normal, and I have no issue when the program next updates itself.  Note that this sometimes happens to me in the morning, even though I have set ASC to update itself in the middle of the night–sometimes, the process seems to take awhile.

  10. Rob

    A BIG THANK YOU to ASHRAF!  i have been using the free version for years and it keeps my system at top performance! I HIGHLY rec amend this one if you want a clean reg and all around fast system. Im using windows xp pro w/sp3 , keeps this thing super fast. thanks again