Heads up: Free 1 year license of BitDefender AntiVirus 2010 starting Friday (August 13, 2010) [24-hours only]

Starting Friday, v3.co.uk is going to run a promotion allowing users to get BitDefender AntiVirus 2010 (1 year license) free. Here is the official word from them:

We’ve given you some of the very best full applications in the past and we’re back again with four full exclusive promos through August. The first is our exclusive BitDefender Antivirus 2010 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth $24.95/£16.99, available free of charge for everyone, for 24 hours, between miday CEST Friday 13 August to midday CEST Saturday 14 of August.

Where can you download your exclusively free BitDefender Antivirus 2010? From the V3.co.uk Software Store: http://store.v3.co.uk

Promotional information will be available on Friday, so keep checking the store. With this promo, you can download your software build on Friday, grab your serial code, then install or use at any time. Strictly one serial code per user, however.

Better still, with BitDefender 2011 due soon, you’ll be able to upgrade from the free 2010 to 2011! BitDefender are also offering you an exclusive upgrade promo to the full security suite, BitDefender Internet Security. More information on Friday.

The giveaway has not started yet – it will start 3 AM PST Friday August 13, 2010 and end 3 AM PST Saturday August 14, 2010 – so I don’t have much details on it right now. However, I thought I should give everyone the heads up in advance. Be sure to visit store.v3.co.uk on Friday!

Thanks Kate!

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  1. Slyvester

    Hi Patrick,
    Looks like you’re not the only to get yourself in deep problems about this so called “worldwide offer”. Check out this article, some solutions maybe … :
    even if it seems like it’s too late now. Anyway, after having read many articles about this specific download, I don’t feel too much about installing this antivirus on my computer.
    Take care,

  2. Patrick


    Awake after barely 2 hours of sleep and finally succeeded to install and register. I still have to configure the software though.

    Thanks to the proper link provided by ebta #33 !!! Thanks a great lot, ebta.

    Before I read your post I sent a note to v3.co.uk via their contact page, complaining about the lack of a download link and requesting they send me the proper url. They need upto 48 hours to reply. I wonder if I’ll get a response and what it will be. I’ll keep you posted about this.

    The installation and everything that comes with it took nearly 2 hours.
    Currently my mechine has slowed down considerably, but perhaps that will get better after proper configuration. If not, I’ll have to resort to closing it down/stop it from runing in the background and check my computer every other day or so, and go back to running Avirta Antivirus on the background in stead (which slows nothing down at all).

    I have to leave you now…

    Greetz and success to all!


  3. Kevin in Ca

    Problem is it sucks! I had bought it when I got Win7. It constantly crashed. After absolutely no tech support from bitdefender I uninstalled it for the free McAfee I get for being a Cox subscriber. Comcast offers Norton for there customers and its free as long as your a data customer. You cannot beat that deal!

  4. ebta

    I got this direct download link, but could not try yet. But got information from my visitor that this installer works. If you have high speed internet access, just try this
    http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/antivirus/final/en/bitdefender_antivirus_2010_32b.exe BitDefender Antivirus 2010 32bit (139 MB)
    http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/desktop/antivirus/final/en/x64/bitdefender_antivirus_2010_64b.exe BitDefender Antivirus 2010 64bit (161 MB)

  5. ron

    Youngatheart 1946
    Don’t lament, this is a very flawed piece of software. I purchased a two year license good for 3 machines about a year ago. The machines were an aging Compaq laptop, a new HP Windows 7-64 and my main system, an xp Media Centre box. Bit defender worked for a short time on the laptop before suddenly deciding not to. It continually issued warnings with tasks to be done to correct the problems. I went through the processes only to have the program immediately issue the warnings again and again and on and on. Bitdefender support did not respond to my complaints.
    The win7 box went through the same set of problems, this time support dirrected me to download a new version. It also appeared to work for a short time then suddenly decided I was again at risk and started to issue the same directives until I tired of the process and uninstalled.
    As for my XP Media Centre Box, it never would install. The end of the story is I scrubbed the installations on all machines and installed the free Security Essentials from Microsoft and have not experienced any virus or spyware problems since. And the software doesn’t nag me continually to fix something. None of this reflects on this great site or its mentor in any way. Ashraf I really appreciate your efforts and reviews.
    By the way, I did download the serial successfully so the giveaway works but I have absolutely no plans to use the software.
    a youngatheart1942

  6. Chris R.

    I cannot find a download link anywhere. The link in the promo and the link provided in the email with license key goes to the same place. Only has login and brochure buttons..

    BTW, I live in the U.S. EST

  7. Patrick

    …and hello again…

    I’m giving up! Can’t even locate the download url for the software build without having to open an account.

    Some 5 years ago I had an account with Grisoft AVG. Strange thing is that v3.co.uk recognized my original e-mail address from those days, then switched back to not knowing anything about me at all and now is asking to open a new account.

    I’m getting shizoid from this whole thing :(

    With this promo, you can download your software build on Friday, grab your serial code, then install or use at any time.” 
    Well, grabbed serial codes OK, but where’s the software build gone to?

    I guess I’ll have to pass on this one, (not just) because of lack of time (though). I really have more urgent things to do than chasing ghosts…

    Good luck & enjoy.

  8. Fred

    That´s not a full installler, it´s a download application. This thing will download msiscan.exe, bdav.msi and pluginsx86.exe / pluginsx64.exe
    I spent a lot of time finding a packet sniffer and getting the URLs the downloader uses.
    Now i have the files but the stupid program wants to put a lot of files on my C drive instead of my F drive where i install all programs. Unfortunately there´s not enough space for such an amount of data.

  9. Patrick

    Hello again,

    1. If anybody has any inkling of how and what, let us know. I don’t understand what happens but…

    2. I received 2 different keys on 2 different mail-addresses through
    [See post 16 above]

    So far so good!
    I already downloaded the zipped installation files earlier today and will let you know if registration as UK citizen is required or not…
    @ Slyvester #17 : I might get double nationality ;-) virtually, that is, and will have to take note of wether I am male or female depending on the address I use… etc…

    BTW: I’ll try installation files from “the Incisive Media software store at http://store.v3.co.uk/?act=details&id=12334” (as the e-mails instructions ‘Step 1′ advize.) When this fails, I still have my second identity to try out at a later date (using the trial installation referred to above).

    But again: I have no idea at all of what is really going on. I’m kind of “riding the wave”…  

    Cheers & wish myself good luck – in case my first Me drowns ;-)


  10. Fred

    Doesn´t work for me. Setup fails to download bdav.msi. It shows downloading bdav.msi but no file is created in the temporary folder. Aside from that a 0kB file msiscan.exe is created and a file pluginsx86.exe that cannot be launched.

  11. Brian Pearson

    @Ashraf: thank the sender of Av-Comparativrs.org tests; very informative.  Are there anymore “comparison” tools (for utilities other than anti viruses)?

    I will search for other similar tools and contribute any thought worthwhile.

  12. shyam

    so while m waiting for my serial– they also offer free stuff too like:

    There are various commercial applications available to download from this store, for free, including MAGIX Movie Edit 15 Silver, novaPDF 7 Lite, Backup4All 4 Lite and many others.”
    i saw the movie edit thing.. it does say free.. but i  havent downloaded it, cuz i dont need it (although i might)


  13. youngatheart1946

    Hi ALL,when I read about this FREE download for BitDefender my eyes lit up as my current AV is coming up for renewal. My delight was soon dashed on the rocks of life because although EVENTUALLY downloading the software was successful I sank into the depths of doom when I clicked on the supplied link for the registration code only to be told that it wasn’t available for my country (Australia) WHAT A SHAM!!!! Nowhere on either v3.co.uk site or BitDefender site did it state that the FREE registration was country specific. Is there anyone out there who can supply me with the correct code otherwise I repeat my previous statement WHAT A SHAM!!!!

  14. Patrick


    Hi Magnus.
    How did you do it? (…and where do you live? Sorry! Perhaps I shouldn’t ask…)
    A lot of us – who also do not live in the UK – get the same reply.
    So we’re very interested ;-)

    I followed this route: (and failed):

    Downloaded trial from:
    Serial key fetch from
    Same message as Claudio, b, Bas (and others, I suppose).


  15. Bas

    Hm, I get this strange message:

    Thank you for your interest, but this promotion is only available for your area. However, you can benefit from our special offer for Internet Security.
    So, it’s saying that it is available for my area (Netherlands), but that that’s not good, because ‘thanks, but …’ and ‘Howver, you can …’.

  16. ebta

    I’m really disappointed with this offer (not to you Ashraf, I really like your blog )
    I’ve write this offer in my blog, because it’s state for everyone. About 3 hours ago I still can get the serial, but now. It was changed for UK only..

  17. Mind Worker

    Only for uk users :-(
    Thank you for your interest, but this promotion is only available for United Kingdom users. However, you can benefit from our special offer for Internet Security.

  18. Claudio Senna

    Y try but receive this message
    Thank you for your interest, but this promotion is only available for United Kingdom users. However, you can benefit from our special offer for Internet Security.

  19. shyam

    now is it possible to download hte install file.. get the product key nad then install whenever u want (cuz im running avast Internet security..
    and how good is Bitdefender?

    btw.. ASFRAF!!!! I LOVEEE THIS SITEEEEEEEEE thank thanks so muchhhhhhhh i check it every day like at least 5 times!

    im a dot-tech addict!