Free PC Pandora Pro!

and allows you see it online from ANYWHERE you are at.
It is like an INVISIBLE TIVO © for your computer.

* Only valid from December 25-31.
* Visit
* Select PC Pandora Pro
* Un-check the Backup CD, unless you want to pay for one
* Enter the Promo Code SLICK8
* Click Proceed to Step 2
* You’ll get a page where you can enter your information to get the free copies


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  1. StanDP.

    Are You mental? Just because GOOGLE did not menti9on You MF This means little to nothing about what anyone knows about You, and if You think they actually did know alot they would put it in GOOGLE’s search engine? Not likely, Anyway silly comment, but so is mine now isn’t it. LOL If You want to know someone THAT DOES Know about You goto a credit report site and see Your credit history (That is) “IF” You want to see it, they have all Your rental, owning history and of course most all Your financial history as well. But be warned… “NEVER PAY For Your own info, don’t be feable minded and actually give them money, it’s a rip off…” So with that said;

    EnjoY your PC Experiences Old & New Alike Slap Happy New Year!

    StanDP.”Avid PC Enthusiast Since 1982…”

  2. Ashraf

    True, but I am sure people want to know what they are getting before they give out personal information. At least I would.

    Some random guy on a random website telling me that by filling out this page I will get this software would not cut it for me, and I assume it will not for others either.